Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

  • Many gamblers – even old-timers – believe in superstitions
  • Here are some Chinese lucky charms for gambling
  • Try them: you have nothing to lose after all
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You would be surprised to see how many gamblers believe in lucky charms! Even the old-timers have a thing for fun superstitions and objects carrying luck. And there is the Chinese culture that is famous for its rich traditions in the matter! See the Chinese lucky charms that you can count on while gambling.

Ancient treasures – like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors –, amazing, flavorful cuisine, an almost unlearnable language, and world-class talents in every field of life. We know so much about China! But we tend to forget how rich their superstitions are! They assign meanings to the smallest things in life: like little animal sculptures and incense sticks. And then some Chinese lucky charms can come in handy when you are gambling. Keep on reading to find out what to bring with you, how to dress, or how to place objects in your home, so that you will be luckier when gambling!

All about lucky charms

Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling
Do you have a lucky charm?

A so-called lucky charm or good luck charm is an item that is believed to bring you luck. They also believe that they buffer negative vibes and bad energies. These can either be tangible objects, rituals, or basically anything that people have been relying on since we can remember. Yes, lucky charms go back to ancient societies, we basically inherited them. But it does not mean that we cannot put them into a modern setting, like online gambling sites in the US!

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We know, talking about magic objects and pieces of clothing having power seems a little bit off, or like it does not go on all fours. But just think about it: can it hurt you, to wear underwear in a specific color, when walking into a casino? Or does it bother you if a ceramic cat is smiling at you when you are placing a bet on Intertops? Of course not! If you would like to know, what are these Chinese lucky charms exactly, can help you while gambling, keep on reading!

Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

It does not matter whether you gamble in a brick-and-mortar casino, you check in on online casino sites in the US, or place some sports bets from an app on your phone. You can count on these lucky charms any day. And honestly: it does not really matter if you believe them or not, but they sure worth a try!

Red clothes

If you have ever seen a Chinese restaurant, you could see that the main color they use is red. It is because they consider red a lucky color. So, if you would like to give yourself an extra push of luck, you should wear a red t-shirt, socks or red underwear, if you try not to be too obvious!

Women only!

This only for the ladies out there: gambling during your period is considered to bring you luck! It is probably also because of their belief in the lucky power of the color red. You should try it next month, and see the results!

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A special amulet

The so-called cat’s eye amulet is also a Chinese lucky charm, which can also be used by those who like gambling. They believe that this tiny object – that has the shape of a cat’s eye and has a golden color – brings great fortune. It is because its reflective qualities ward off bad luck. And that is something gamblers do need!

One number

There is a number in Chinese traditions that has a magic power. It is the number 8, probably due to its shape that reflects eternity. They do think that this way, your luck will be continuous. You can carry it on a keychain, wear a shirt with an “8” logo on it – the possibilities are endless!

Try your luck!

Bearing all these in mind, it is high time for you to check out how these work! Go on Intertops, check out the current bets and deals! After that, you can see if the Chinese lucky charms are working for you when gambling. And remember: there is nothing to lose!

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