New Year Gambling Traditions in China to Follow to Get Lucky!

  • There are some do's and don't do's in New Year in China that you can also follow
  • You can try playing some Chinese gambling games in New Year
Chinese New Year Gambling traditions

Gambling has been a favorite pastime of Chinese people for ages which formed some Chinese New Year gambling traditions. There is a belief that the more traditions you follow, the more you are likely to be lucky at online gambling sites in China. 

Gambling is not only about luck or only about skill – it’s a mix of both. Surely, separate games might rely on skills or luck only, but overall, it’s a mixture of both. But the luckier you are, the higher your chances to be at online casinos in China are.

We will share some New Year gambling traditions in China below including things you shouldn’t. You can also find some gambling games to play at New Year below.

Chinese New Year Gambling Traditions to Attract Luck in Your Life

Well, the upcoming New Year is a great way to check if following the traditions can make you luckier.

Wear red underwear. Mostly, we associate New Year with the red color. And this color is a symbol of luck in China. So, you might get luckier if you wear red underwear.

Every gaming table has a ghost baby. Might sound scary, but if you feed the ghost baby, it’ll bring you luck.

Pay to Gods and pray. You can also make some sacrifices. That is believed to make people luckier in gambling.

Say, Deng! Before you receive your cards and look at them, call “Deng!” out to get lucky.

Chinese New Year Gambling traditions
Let’s gamble!

Things You Should Not Do

There are also certain things that you should not do while gambling sessions. They just seem to take the luck from you.

Do not let anyone touch you during your gambling session. The tradition says it brings bad luck if you let people touch you when you are gambling.

Make sure you no one tells you to read books or anything related to books. That’s because the “book” is similar to “lose”.

Don’t count the money at the table. It’s not only a bad manner to do so. But according to Chinese New Year gambling traditions, it will bring you bad luck.

And try to play small. Get it step by step. Don’t try to catch everything from the beginning. If you are winning from the beginning, you are likely to lose at the end.

Chinese New Year Gambling Games

Mahjong. Mahjong has been around for many decades and it’s one of the oldest games in the world today. The roots are coming from China. No wonders why it’s still this popular in China. You can easily recognize Mahjong – its vivid tiles differ from all other games. Every symbol on the tile also has its own meaning. Try betting on Mahjong at Bet365 Poker! Do not forget to try online gambling bonuses in China. 

One more game that you can try playing is Chinese Poker. The game is fast and but it goes so intense. Do your best to keep in mind Poker Hand Rankings – you’ll need those to win the game.

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