Climate Change Slashes Odds On A White Christmas In 2020

  • Britain Braces Itself Facing The Coldest Winter Ever
  • Find All The Odds On A White Christmas At Bet365
  • Climate Change Remains Biggest Existential Threat
Odds On A White Christmas

You can bet on Greta Thunberg to mutter “I told you so” as this winter descends on Europe. The climate scientists are already warning it could be the coldest winter on record. This has already had significant knock-on effects. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are already offering barely 5/4 on a White Christmas. However, beyond the odds on a White Christmas, there’s a more serious issue. It’s an issue the seesawing temperatures this year only hint at. 

The term “global warming” was always unhelpfully simplistic. Climate change is far more accurate. Especially when temperatures outside are dropping. Naturally, as we move into winter many will look to place the traditional bet on a White Christmas. It is just one of the numerous novelty wagers Brits like to indulge in each year. Just a little flutter. This year, unfortunately, they won’t find very long odds on a White Christmas to enjoy. Most bookies give it just 5/4.

This is partly due to definitions, not precipitation. The metrological office in the UK has set a particularly low bar. The odds on a White Christmas reflect this. Any snow on December 24th or 25th anywhere in the country? A little too easy. That’s why in the last 54 years a full 38 were technically white. This means for a more profitable reward a bet on sports in the UK over the Xmas period is better. However, this year it’s not just about the silly system of measurement.

Odds On A White Christmas Dive Like The Temperatures

Part of the reason the odds on a White Christmas are so low is that Britain faces a very cold winter. Perhaps even the coldest on record. After 2020 being one of the warmest this may seem counterintuitive but it fits in with the pattern of Climate Change. Climate Change sees ever-greater swings to extremity leading to massive sociological issues planet-wide. Short term, however, in the UK this probably just means the trains won’t be on time. So, no change there then.

Odds On A White Christmas 

Of course, you can bet on the UK having the coldest winter ever if you wish, but there are other novelty Xmas wagers. You can always bet on Christmas to bring out the annual contests on television. Sports Personality Of The Year on the BBC just one example. Sure, a bet on SPOTY is not the same as a bet on a White Christmas. But with the odds on a White Christmas so low it’s almost not worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on snow at Christmas in the first place.

Odds On A White Christmas
Last Christmas I gave you my card, but the very next day you bet it away

Bet On A White Christmas At Bet365

The UK has a big tradition of sports at Christmas. The traditional Boxing Day football matches will all go ahead. So, you can enjoy left-over turkey sandwiches with a bet on the IPL. Likewise, there will be reality TV show finals too. Sure, a bet on reality television isn’t very festive, but it will add some excitement to otherwise formulaic watching experiences. Festive wagers are harder to come by. Unless you bet on which relative will get most drunk on the big day itself, of course.

Naturally, online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 don’t just offer odds on a White Christmas nationwide. They also offer more local prices. Scotland’s odds are far lower than those of the more southerly England. For example, Aberdeen gets a reasonable 5/2, but London a scant 5/1. The short odds on the weather this Christmas won’t put people off betting on it. This is, after all, one of many traditions to which logic doesn’t really apply. It’s just a piece of Christmas fun for all.   

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We take a look at the odds on a White Christmas in the UK this year as climate change alters the predicted weather patterns this winter.

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