Cocktails for Gamblers: Drink and Win!

  • Gambling is always associated with chic style and pleasant lounge music
  • ne of the components of this atmosphere is special cocktails for gamblers
  • To find the best recipes, read our article!
Cocktails for Gamblers

Gambling is always associated with chic style and pleasant lounge music. If you have ever been to one of the casinos of Las Vegas, you surely enjoyed the special atmosphere of winnings. One of the components of this atmosphere is special cocktails for gamblers. Indeed, some drinks can even help you win. However, if you do not have an opportunity to go to a real-based establishment, you can always prepare these cocktails at home. To find the best recipes, read our article. Let’s get started!  

Cocktail 7 & 7

Many players have their Lucky Numbers and number 7 is one of them for sure. This cocktail is suitable for roulette and blackjack. However, be careful because it contains 40% of alcohol. First, fill the Collins glass with ice. Then pour over the ice 85 ml of whiskey and 250 ml of tonic or 7 Up. Usually, it is served with a piece of lime in high glasses. For some reason, this drink is more popular with girls. And now you can prepare your cocktails for gamblers and visit one of the online casinos in the USA. 

Cocktails for gamblers: Vodka and Red Bull

In the classic version, the cocktail is prepared in proportion 1: 3 (one part of the vodka to the three parts of the Red Bull). For the preparation put the ice in a glass, then add vodka and Red Bull. Such a cocktail is well suited to those who have long been in a gambling institution. First of all, this is a long drink. Besides, the energy drink will give you strength and help your concentration. Well, this drink is perfect for playing roulette in the Intertops Casino. Serve it cooled in high glasses. Do not forget that the drink contains about 40% alcohol and a slaughter dose of caffeine. If you have any health issues, try to stay away from booze.

Bloody Mary

Well, this is a legendary drink. This drink also has a perfectly refreshing even the sealing larks at night! It is usually drunk with vodka, but you can order such a cocktail with gin or tequila. Indeed, the drink contains about 40% alcohol. Better serve it in glasses, decorated with celery leaves. According to experts of cocktails for gamblers, this drink is suitable for playing blackjack and poker. To prepare this cocktail at home, fill the Hayball ice cubes to the top. Then puff in a shaker lemon juice 10 ml, tomato juice 120 ml, and vodka 50 ml. Finally, add hot tabasco sauce and season with a pinch of salt, black grounded pepper, and celery. By the way, Bloody Mary was a favorite cocktail of the shuffle Salvador Dali and the beauty of Marilyn Monroe. Read about other Celebrity Booze Products from our article!

Cocktails for Gamblers

Cocktails for gamblers: Whiskey-Cola

This drink is light, is capable of refreshing, and slightly relaxing. Therefore, it is suitable for poker or blackjack. Moreover, it contains about 60% alcohol, and either in high glasses with ice or small stacks and a glass of ice cola. However, if you mix the cola and whiskey in half, the taste will be sharp and quickly intoxicate. Meanwhile, one part of the whiskey and three parts of the cola will make an optimal mix. Usually, 40-50 ml whiskey is enough. This drink is easy to prepare while gambling in online casinos in the USA from home.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee was invented in the winter of 1943 by Joe Sheridan, a chef working in a restaurant at Foynes Airport (Foynes) in Limerick, Ireland. For the first time, Irish Coffee was cooked for frozen passengers of a transatlantic flight to New York, which was forced to go back to Ireland because of bad weather. Later the restaurant critic Stanton Delaplane brought this cocktail to San Francisco. Soon the creator of coffee with whiskey – Joe Sheridan, moved to America and began to work at the bar “Buena Vista”. From numerous coffee cocktails, Irish is characterized by a very strong taste because of the Irish whiskey. Besides, they do not whip cream for coffee into a steep foam. Indeed, it must be whipped, but liquid, and lie on top of the coffee with a smooth layer.

It is better to order these cocktails for gamblers for those who have already stopped late for the poker party. Besides, it is very well suited for those who want to catch good luck behind the tail of the slot machines. This drink contains from 40 to 60 percent of alcohol. Besides, they serve it in beautiful high glasses with a handle and whipped cream on top. From above, a berry cherry can be there.

Cocktails for gamblers: James Bond’s recipe

The name of the cocktail comes from the film, where the agent 007 asks to prepare him a drink from Vodka, Gina, and Kina Lillet (or another vermouth). They decorated it with lemon. This drink relaxes well, has an average fortress, and is suitable for playing slots or just relaxing from the game in the lounge zone. Better serve it in a martini glass with lemon. Besides, this recipe for the preparation of a classic alcoholic cocktail with vodka and martini has also the name “Vodkatini”. This cocktail gained fame thanks to James Bond. However, you should use better quality vodka for this cocktail. Indeed, this cocktail has a rich taste so drink it slowly while gambling in the Intertops Casino. 

Double Old Fashion

Do you like simple cocktails “one the rocks”? Then try this bourbon-based citrus cocktail. Indeed, men love this drink. However, the lady can be happy to skip a few sips. It is served decorated with cherries or lemon with ice in a glass. Besides, it contains about 45-50% of alcohol. Therefore, experts consider it a classic male cocktail. To prepare this drink, put in Rocks a cube of cane sugar, soaked by Angostura Bitter. Then fill a glass of ice cubes and pour 50 ml of aged Bourbon. Finally, stir the cocktail with a spoon to dissolve sugar and spit over a glass of essential oils from oranges and grapefruit zest.

Cocktails for gamblers: Good-old Mojito

In the past few years, Cuban Mojito became one of the most fashionable cocktails. Now to enjoy its unique taste you do not need to go to the bar. Here, we will tell you about the technology of cooking mojito at home. Indeed, this cocktail is very refreshing during hot summer days. Therefore, both men and women gamblers prefer it. This beverage contains about 35% of alcohol. Some people say that this is an ideal cocktail for a card game.

To prepare this cocktail at home, cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice from one half into the glass. Then add sugar, cut mint, and put in a glass with Lime juice. Afterward, fill the glass with ice cubes and add 30 ml of rum. Finally, fill all the space remaining in the glass with soda or Sprite. Serve your cocktail together with a straw!

Cocktails for Gamblers
Let’s drink!

Gin Tonic

Want to try some Gin Tonic? This immortal mix is offered probably in every bar. Indeed, herbal and a little bitter cocktail refreshes perfectly and tones. You can decorate it with lime or cucumber, depending on whether you like the predominance of freshness or sourness. This drink is suitable for leisure games. You can play roulette or slots in online gambling sites in the USA while sipping this cocktail. Serve it in low glasses decorated with lime. The content of alcohol in it is 40%. Therefore, be careful not to get drunk too fast. Learn about The Best Casino Gambling Drinks to find out other cocktail recipes. Enjoy your winnings in the right way!

Cocktails for gamblers: Casino

Judging by the composition, the Casino Cocktail may seem very simple. However, its taste is quite powerful. Indeed, this recipe withstands the so-called classic cocktail line. A strong gin base is complemented simultaneously with a sour-sweet-bitter composition from lemon juice, orange bitter, and Maraschino Liqueur. Indeed, all these ingredients make the taste so sophisticated, elegant, and you can even say “night”. To prepare this drink, you need 40 ml of Gin Old Tom; 10 ml of Maraschino liqueur; 5 ml of Orange Bitter; 10 ml of lemon juice; and ice.

Cocktails for Gamblers
Which one is your favorite?

You can cook Casino Cocktail according to The Stir / Shake and Strain method. However, we recommend cooking this cocktail in the shaker. Mix gin, liquor, orange bitters, and lemon juice mix with ice. Then fill a cocktail in a pre-cooled glass. Finally, decorate it with lemon zest or cherry. If you want to diversify a slight taste, Maraschino can be replaced with dry cherry, pre-painted in brandy.

For the first time, they mentioned the Casino Cocktail in 1930 in the legendary book “Savoy Cocktail Book”, edited by Harry Craddock, the famous London Barmen. Casino cocktail is included in the list of official alcoholic cocktails of the International Bartender Association (IBA). Therefore, it indicates its authority and world recognition. Besides, this drink will be a perfect addition to the Casino Party at Home. Or you can just enjoy your evening while gambling in the Intertops Casino and sipping this cocktail. Good luck!

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