Color of the Year 2022 Odds: What to Wear?


Posted: December 22, 2021

Updated: December 22, 2021

  • The Pantone Color Institute determines the main color of the coming year
  • In 2022, Very Peri will become the main color. But will it get admiration from people?
  • Let’s take look at the color of the year 2022 odds!
The Color Very Pery is a great sensation. Isn’t it…

The long-awaited news is published annually in December – the Pantone Color Institute determines the main color of the coming year. Indeed, it always provokes lively discussions, and not only among those whose work is in fashion. In 2022, Very Peri, a shade of blue with the addition of a reddish-purple undertone, will become the main color. But will it get admiration from people worldwide? Let’s look at the color of the year 2022 odds. 

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What is Pantone?

In reality, few people think about why Pantone conducts such research and where a particular shade comes from. Let’s figure out why the choice of the color of the year is a truly large-scale event. When we learned about the main color of the year, it was time to talk about the organization itself. Pantone is an American company with an impressive reputation founded in the 50s. Indeed, many experts claim that Pantone is the most authoritative source of information on colors and shades. Thus, it develops color palettes, brands can consult them, and the company also analyzes market trends.

Pantone rose to fame in the 60s when experts created a standardized color matching system – the Pantone Matching System. Moreover, each color and shade has its number and name. Besides, there is a convenient catalog in the form of a fan layout which greatly facilitated the work of designers. Nowadays, the client simply names the number of the shade one likes: it will not be confused with another tone, and there is no doubt about the color of the final product. By the way, the palette is used not only by interior designers but also by fashion houses. What is more, some countries even selected colors for state flags according to the table. Online sportsbooks in the US have a great variety of weird bets including the color of the year 2022 odd. It is a chance to make a difference today!

More about the Institute

Pantone includes the Pantone Color Institute, which studies the impact of color on a wide variety of areas of our lives. The research center analyzes how shades affect fashion, interior design, advertising, film, printing, and other industries. Thus, the Pantone Color Institute not only observes the present but predicts the color trends of the future. All in all, the organization has been determining the color of the year since 2000. From the Pantone roster, experts choose a color that will be at the peak of popularity in all areas in the coming year. 

color of the year 2022 odds

Therefore, in 2021, the Color Institute chose two shades at once – deep gray and bright yellow. According to the researchers, these are “two independent colors, the union of which creates an inspiring color pair that combines a sense of depth and thoughtfulness with the optimistic promise of a sunny day.” But what will happen in the upcoming year?

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How are the color of the year 2022 odds determined?

If you think that the definition of the main shade depends on the taste preferences of the members of the secret commission, we hasten to surprise you. The process is much more painstaking, lengthy, and more serious than it might seem at first glance. Every spring, a large-scale study begins, during which experts are to discover repeating color patterns. Moreover, this takes almost nine months. Before naming the main color of the year, experts plunge into a variety of directions: they study works of art, cinema, creations of fashion designers, interior trends, industrial design, and technological innovations. Pantone also monitors new materials, textures, popular sites, and social networks. As a result, the committee members should agree on one option, but this is not always the case. In this case, two shades become the color of the year at once – this is exactly what happened on the eve of 2021.

How do they come up with a name?

Many wondered why the deep purple hue is called the “Royal Jewel”, and the color of the year in 2021 was exactly “Flawless Gray”. When choosing the name Pantone, they resort to a game of associations. Of course, each shade has a digital code, but hardly anyone will be able to identify a color by a set of numbers. The main task of specialists is to give the shade such a name so that the word or phrase makes it possible to instantly present the color before the eyes. For example, associations with food are used for yellow and red shades: you must admit that it is easy to imagine “Strawberry pink” or “Ripe pumpkin” in your imagination. And the “Royal Jewel” is explained quite simply – in our minds purple has long been associated with luxury.

What do the color of the year 2022 odds affect?

It may seem that the color of the year is becoming popular thanks to Pantone. This statement is not entirely true. While the definition of the main shade does affect product development in very different industries, it is worth remembering that Pantone is choosing a color that is already popular. The company only emphasizes this point and makes it public. Of course, after the publication of the research results, the color becomes even more in demand. Meanwhile, Pantone itself contributes to this. Thus, every year the company produces souvenirs and gadgets in the main color. Whereas online gambling sites in the USA also make their voting.

Besides, Pantone produces exclusive collaborations with fashion and cosmetic brands. In this way, the shade’s recognition is increasing again. And companies themselves always pay attention to the color of the year. For example, Adobe has issued instructions for working with the color of the year in Photoshop, stores are rethinking shop window designs, interior and clothing designers are adding trendy color to their projects. And even pastry shops are making special toppings in a popular shade.

color of the year 2022 odds

Very Peri – the main color of 2022

The shade 17-3938 Very Peri, which became the main color of 2022, can be called truly unique. For the first time, Pantone created a color on its own, rather than choosing from an existing palette. The institute describes the new color as “a vibrant blue with a life-giving violet-red hue that combines the fidelity and persistence of blue with the energy and excitement of red.” On the Pantone website, the color is called “a symbol of the global spirit of the times and transition period.” When developing Very Peri, experts relied on a new reality, where the popularity of the metaverse and the presence of the art community in the digital space are rapidly increasing.

“Society continues to recognize that color is an important form of communication and a way of expressing emotions. The complexity of this new blue with a reddish-purple undertone underlines the tremendous opportunity before us, ”added Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. To influence this choice, read out an article about Bet On Fashion and make money out of your passion for fashion. 

Dressing up tips

The Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar will begin on February 1, 2022, and will last until January 21, 2023. However, the whole world (except China) will meet it on the night of December 31, 2021, to January 1, 2022. The tiger is distinguished by its expansiveness, irascibility, and excitability. Thus, next year we all would have had a hard time if it were not for the element of water. The Water Tiger is less excitable and more agreeable. Nevertheless, one is very intolerant of scammers and lazy people. Therefore, we are getting ready to plow and plow the whole next year. The Tiger will be the master of the new year. This is a decisive, hardworking, persistent sign that always achieves its goals. Therefore, he especially loves the following colors:

  • Blue. Will improve the situation of a person. They will start to treat him in a completely different way;
  • Yellow. Help in financial matters. For example, it will affect the successful sale of real estate;
  • Green. It will help you adapt to everything new. Most often this is something positive, but it will not do without difficulties in new and old matters;
  • White gold. Protects against failures and risky decisions.

The tiger also especially loves blue. This is the color of water, which, along with wood, is the element of the next year. This color will help you relax, but will also give attention and concentration to those who are ready for new actions. Aside from Panton’s decision, blue has more color of the year 2022 odds among fashionistas. 

color of the year 2022 odds

Color of the year 2022 odds: What does the Tiger prefer?

The tiger also places strict restrictions on the clothing of certain colors. Because he does not even allow the presence of red on the tree. This color will look out of place on a person’s clothes. Therefore, the New Year cannot be celebrated in a red dress or trousers. Besides, moderation should be everywhere. The same applies to clothing. After all, if you disobey the Tiger, then he will not want to help in new matters. Therefore, it is worth knowing the rules in the selection of clothes.

If you put the tree in a certain place and put on the right clothes for the holiday, respectively, in the colors of 2022, then this will attract the attention of the Tiger. He will protect this family from various misfortunes all his year. However, the person himself will have to work hard. After all, the Tiger does not help those who just like to mess around. He loves hardworking people. Analyze the market and make a winning bet at BET365 Sportsbook. The Tiger will smile on you!

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