Copa Italia Betting Predictions – Semi-Final

  • Napoli are focused on the cup
  • Juventus want their title back!
Copa Italia Betting Predictions

After the end of the first leg in the Copa Italia semi-finals, there is still no heavy favorite to qualify for the final. The scores of both games keep the doors open for any team to qualify. Napoli will be focusing on winning the cup as they are unlikely to win the league title. While Juventus want to regain the title after losing last season. The Copa Italia betting predictions show no clear advantage to any of the four teams. Therefore, be ready to witness some exciting games and results. 

Copa Italia Betting Predictions: Napoli vs. Inter Milan

The semi-final of the 2020 Copa Italia features a clash between the two of the top teams in Italia. Fans will certainly be entertained when SSC Napoli takes on Inter Milan in the second leg of the semi-final. The first leg took place at Inter’s home ground, San Siro, which ended with Napoli winning with a score of 1-0. In the return leg, Inter Milan will face a very tough challenge as the match will be played on Napoli’s stadium, Stadio San Paolo. The match will be tough for Inter because Napoli are a very solid team when they play in their stadium. For instance, they were able to keep a clean sheet in their last three games in Copa Italia. Also, the team has gained some momentum with a three-match winning streak.

Copa Italia Betting Predictions
Inter Milan flag

Although Napoli are favorites under such conditions, their advantage over Inter is very slim. All it takes from Inter is one goal to get back into the game, so expect them to come out with an attacking mindset. Online sportsbook sites in Italy demonstrate Napoli’s slight advantage with their Copa Italia betting predictions. Odds on KTO for Napoli to qualify to the final are 1.39, while Inter’s odds are 2.75. KTO offers many other options to bet on other than who qualifies for the final. For instance, you can bet on who you think wins the second leg, the total number of goals, the winning margin, the first team to score, and many more. Go to KTO and check out all the options and choices that you can bet on.

Juventus vs AC Milan

The other semi-final match in the Copa Italia happens between Italian giants Juventus and AC Milan. The first leg of the match saw a dramatic last-minute goal from Cristiano Ronaldo to secure a 1-1 draw at Milan’s Stadium. With this goal, Juventus will be heading into the second leg with a slight advantage. Also, with a player like Ronaldo in the attacking line-up of Juventus, it will be very hard to stop them from scoring. The team has won three of their last five league matches scoring two or more goals. On the other hand, AC Milan have not lost six of their last seven matches. It will be interesting to see those to forces come head-to-head once again.

The Copa Italia betting predictions on KTO in favor of Juventus who won four of the last five titles in this tournament. Odds for Juventus to qualify for the final are 1.34, while Milan’s betting odds are 3. In addition to odds for qualifying, you can find the same betting options that are available for the Napoli vs. Inter Milan match. Bet on who you think wins the second leg.

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