Corrupt Tennis Players – Illegal Tennis Betting Busted

Illegal Betting Tennis Integrity Unit

Corrupt tennis players exist – even in the professional level. That’s what we have learnt thanks to the latest declarations of the Tennis Integrity Unit.

It was only yesterday that we wrote an article about the suspicious tennis matches that might be a result of corrupt sports betting. Well, by today, we can be sure that illegal betting in sport is not just a myth: it happens more often than it should be. In fact, even professional sportsmen can be “great” examples of illegal betting in sports.

Professional sportsmen and women are not allowed to join online sportsbooks and bet on their own sports – well, the rules vary in every other sport depending on the regulations. In tennis, it’s like that and those professional tennis players who bet on tennis, shall suffer the consequences.

The corrupt tennis players are M. Damian and C. Puttergill

The two corrupt tennis players who have been found guilty of illegal sports betting are Romanian professional tennis player Mihaita Damian and Australian professional tennis player Calum Puttergill. These two are not among the best tennis players in the world: Damian is ranked 1,645th in doubles, while the 23-year-old is 1,27th in the world.

While the Romanian player was given a €5,000 fine together with a 1-year-long ban. He had two accounts at one of the most famous online sportsbooks in the EU, Bwin and placed bets on 199 professional tennis events. His ban is effective immediately.

On the other hand, Puttergill’s fine is $10,000 and a six-month ban. However, it will be reduced to the half of it if he quits being one of the corrupt tennis players and won’t get caught with any other illegal gambling activities until June, 2017. He placed hardly less than 300 illegal tennis bets.

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