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Posted: August 24, 2021

Updated: August 24, 2021

  • Cycling is especially popular in Europe
  • Indeed, fans enjoy watching their favorite athletes and their performances at international tournaments
  • In this article, we will talk about cycling betting tips

The first official cycling competitions were held in France in the 19th century. Since then, the competition has been gaining popularity year after year. Indeed, fans enjoy watching their favorite athletes and their performances at international tournaments. Cycling and the bookmaker community did not pass by. Betters are keenly interested in exciting competitions, and offices respond to demand with expanded bet lines. In this article, we will talk about cycling betting tips.

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Cycling is especially popular in Europe. And the most famous tournament, attracting the attention of fans and bookmakers around the world, is the Tour de France. Journalists and cycling fans from all over the planet come to the competition. The race takes place on the territory of France and several neighboring countries. Besides, it is broadcast live in more than 100 countries. Naturally, bettors do not miss this event either in the online sportsbooks in France. Tournaments of great importance for cyclists are also held in Italy and Spain. The main time of the competition is in the summer. Thus, it allows this sport to compete with football and basketball popular in the bookmaker environment.

Track Cycling and Highway: What’s the Difference?

First of all, you need to divide cycling into two main disciplines – road cycling and track cycling. To understand how to bet on this sport, you need to understand the difference between these completely dissimilar formats. Firstly, track races take place in indoor arenas (also called velodromes). Here, the track is looped, with a lap distance of 150 to 500 meters.

Secondly, road cycling is a “street” discipline in which athletes can overcome huge distances in one race. Here you can see both 10-kilometer individual time trial races and long 200-kilometer stages, which together make up a single canvas of multi-day road races. Thus, covering more than 3000 kilometers in 20 days, athletes compete on different types of routes. These can be cobbled narrow streets in Europe, highways, flat and mountainous terrain. Besides, read our article about The Latest Stars of Cycling.

cycling betting tipsMoreover, riders usually specialize in something specific: finishing sprints, mountain “ascents”. However, all the main laurels and popularity are still reaped by the hardy captains who are fighting for the overall standings of multi-day races. In addition to the track and highway, some bookmakers also provide lines to important events in the mountain biking world. Our cycling betting tips will help you make real money in the BET365 Sportsbook

Types of Cycling Bets

Victory in the stage race: This is the most popular line that you will surely hit right away if you are interested in cycling betting. More than 200 people start in each big stage event – it would seem, how can you guess? However, the circle of possible applicants is not so wide. Most of the race participants are so-called gregari – people who assist the chosen cycling team captain. Thus, it is among the captains that the struggle for the overall standings usually takes place. And really strong captains, capable of really claiming something, often no more than seven or eight.

Winning a stage or a one-day event:  In addition to multi-day events, there are also several central one-day events in the road cycling season. For example, the world-famous Paris-Roubaix race was held in the spring. This is a sprint race, the line for which is not much different from the line for the sprint stage of the multi-day race. If a top sprinter participates in the sprint stage/race, then often his victory at the stage can be taken for a small coefficient. Meanwhile, the circle of applicants is usually limited to 4-5 strong sprinters. However, on a multi-day event, it is more interesting to predict or analyze the outcome of such a race, since it is easier to track an athlete’s shape in a tight schedule.

More Types

In mountain races or stages, the odds per winner are higher, the element of randomness is more significant. Besides, in rare cases, even a rider who was not originally in the line can win. Still, there are always “kings of the mountains”, and their chances in the line are more preferable to those of “dark horses”. There are also specialists in short time-trial races, in the same Tour de France, as a rule, two stages are allocated for the “cut-ups”. In these races, the top bookmaker is usually inhabited by “gregari” who switched to road cycling after successes on the track.

Getting into the prize-winners: Bookmakers often offer quotes for a particular athlete to enter various tops of a multi-day, stage, or one-day event. Top 3, top 5, top 10 – there are different options.

Duel of cyclists: Together with bets on getting to the top, this type of quote is especially popular among those who want to bet with high chances of winning here and now, regardless of the odds. To catch the Pitmen’s victory at the stage at odds of 4, you need some patience, when in the indicated type of bets all the intrigue can be reduced to a face-to-face or part-time confrontation between two cyclists. Bookmakers often refer to this line as “Who’s Higher”. Besides, similar bets are offered on many individual sports.

Additional rates: Cycling murals are quite rare in online sportsbooks in France. Nevertheless, sometimes you can find markets, for example, on whether a certain driver starts the next day; up to what stage of the multi-day race one will hold out in the saddle. Slightly more often you can find long-term bets on the winners of various multi-day events. For example, classification of young riders, mountain or sprint classification.

Cycling betting tips: Important Factors

If this is your first time betting on cycling, then, first of all, you should know the difference between the types of races on the terrain of the tracks (the above-mentioned mountain, sprint stages, and so on) and realize that almost every athlete has a strict specialization. Within the framework of the race, the riders have pronounced strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, they are forced to focus on one particular race of the tournament. Indeed, only three cyclists in history have won all three main classifications of the Grand Tour.

cycling betting tips, cycling betting
Are you aware of these tips? Picture source: Blue Diamond Gallery

You need to pay attention to the strength of the team of the rider you want to bet on. Road cycling is a very team sport, and even the stars cannot do without good helpers. Very strong riders can sacrifice their results in the interests of the team to accompany the captain on difficult sections. In this regard, some strong “miners” included in the top bookmaker quotes at certain stages may have fewer chances on a particular day than a counterpart from another team.

At the sprint stages, the team’s overall strength is also important, because the challenger still needs to be “taken” to the coveted finish line. Indeed, in time trial fatigue and workload with rough work can greatly affect the chances of the “splitter”. If in multi-day races it is easier to be in the stream of events, then before betting on a one-day race, be sure to once again inquire about the health of the participants, look for information. Even a minor cold a few days before a race can seriously affect an athlete’s odds, not to mention injuries.

Cycling betting tips and Strategies

  • Flat strategy is used by most experienced players. Its essence is that for each bet we spend the same amount or percentage of the money that we allocated for betting. “Flat” is of three types, you can use any:
  • Fixed amount. No matter how much money we have in our account, the size of the bet will always be the same. 
  • The percentage of the starting bank. The essence is the same as in the previous option, only the size of the bet is not a ceiling amount, but a percentage of the initial bank. For example, we deposited $ 3,000 to our account and decided to bet 3%. Thus, we always bet ninety dollars, no matter how the bank changes.
  • Percentage of the current bank. We win and lose, the money in the bank increases or decreases. Thus, we put a percentage of how much is in the account right now. For example, 3% at three thousand will be ninety dollars. Meanwhile, at five thousand it will already be one hundred and fifty.

“Flat” is used to determine the initial size of the bet, but it is not suitable for making stable and fast money on bets. For this, you need to use progressive strategies like catch-up. You can apply this strategy in the BET365 Sportsbook. This office provides a profitable bonus for those players who register at the office for the first time.

Catch-up Strategy

First, as usual, we bet “Flat”. If it loses, then we spend so much money on the next bet to cover the losses and earn something from above. If it seems that it is stupid to make four bets and spend nine hundred dollars to earn thirty, you can set the bar for at least a thousand dollars or use the Martingale strategy.

This is a classic catch-up, where bets are made at odds of at least 2. Meanwhile, after defeats, the bet size is increased exactly twice. That’s better.

cycling betting tips, cycling betting strategy
Do you use special strategy? Picture Source: Pxfuel

Indeed, catch-up is called a win-win betting strategy. However, it has two drawbacks: a long streak of losses can empty the entire pot (in the screenshot above, we started with one dollar, but in the end, we had to bet three thousand more), and many bookmakers like to set limits on bets

Cycling Betting Tips: The Ladder

We set a goal to earn some amount: for example, 5% of the starting bank. First, we bet “Flat” at a low odds of 1.2-1.4. If the bet passes, we spend all the winnings on the next bet with similar odds and continue in the same spirit until we reach the goal. If we lose halfway through, we start over, eventually losing only the minimum amount. Bet On Cycling Now and do not miss your chance of winning!

C8 System

We choose eight different outcomes and make eight express bets with three bets in each. One outcome should occur in at least three express trains. However, the higher its probability, the more often it should be encountered. We will earn if at least six selections pass, but if there are one or two fewer, the bookmaker will return part of the money. This is a good betting strategy in basketball or hockey. However, it may not be suitable for cycling. Indeed, you need to bet on several events, and cycling races are rare. Besides, bookmakers cover only the largest tournaments. Instead of the “C8 system” it is better to use the Dutch betting strategy.

Cycling Betting Tips: Dutch Strategy

Here we bet not on one, but on several athletes. We need to spend so much money on each bet so that we get approximately the same net profit. Then, whatever the outcome of the race, we will win some amount. It is only important to choose odds of at least 2, otherwise, the strategy will be unprofitable. Do not calculate the size of the bets yourself, we have already tried and warned you: your head will boil. It is easier to use the calculators of rates according to the Dutch system. Indeed, you just need to enter the odds and the amount and see what numbers the service will display. Try this strategy in the BET365 Sportsbook and make real money in no time. Good luck!

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