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Posted: January 13, 2023

Updated: October 31, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the Irish Dancing With The Stars predictions and odds. Therefore, you should register at the online gambling sites in Ireland. Because the show is on. Bet on the best media personalities of Ireland who will collaborate and face off against each other in dance. This show is running at the same time as Dancing On Ice and the RuPaul Drag Race. Therefore, you will have many shows to binge on early in 2023. And we are going to help you understand the sportsbook betting around these events.

Therefore, all you have to do is to follow our guide at the bottom of the article. However, if you are interested in the information and predictions. Then we are going to tell you everything you need to know. This year, we have one of the most excellent odds available, with 3.75 on Panti Bliss and 4.30 on the record-breaker Brooke Scullion.

Irish Dancing With The Stars Predictions

According to Irish Times, this might be the last time we can watch and bet on the Dancing With The Stars predictions. Because the show might run on a little tighter pants than the previous attempts. However, keep in mind that the budget is not the only reason why the pants are tight. Because despite the rumors, the dancers are ready to dance in their most glamorous clothes. Sacrificing comfort for the sake of looks, they truly give us a hard time deciding who is going to be the winner.

All of them are extremely talented and they would all deserve to win. However, there is only going to be one winner this year. This is why we recommend everyone register at Playzilla Sportsbook right now. Because the odds are amazing right now. Make sure to not wait too much. Because with every episode, the odds will worsen.

The Participants

Now that you understand which show we will discuss in our Dancing With The Stars predictions. Let’s talk about the participants. However, we must explain one thing before anything. 2023 is the year where we have reached the diversity the world started to dream of in 2010. This is why we can see a large variety of participants. From Ireland’s most famous Drag Queen who has the best odds.

To a former Rugby player who isn’t quite ready to retire from the spotlight yet. We are going to find everything in this show. According to the RTE, the following Irish celebrities will participate in the event; Kevin McGahern, Leah O’Rourke, Panti Bliss, Carl Mullan, Stephanie Roche, Damian McGinty, Shane Byrne, Dr. Marie Cassidy, Brooke Scullion, Paul Brogan Suzanne Jackson.

The Available Odds – Dancing With The Stars Predictions

Before we rush ahead to make our Dancing With The Stars predictions. First, let’s give you the available odds. Therefore, this year is awesome when it comes to sportsbook betting. Not only you can bet on the Dancing on Ice 2023 odds too.

But you will also get to bet on Brooke Scullion to win the show with 4.20 odds. This is probably the best offer this month. Because he just broke records on the first episode. Is he going to lose the event? Well, the only other people who could undermine his undeniable performance are Panti Bliss or Stephanie Roche.

  • Bliss, Panti – 3.75
  • Scullion, Brooke – 4.30
  • Roche, Stephanie – 7.00
  • Mcginty, Damian – 7.00
  • Jackson, Suzanne – 7.60
  • Mcgahern, Kevin – 8.00
  • O Rourke, Leah – 13.00
  • Mullan, Carl – 17.00
  • Byrne, Shane – 21.00
  • Cassidy, Marie – 23.00
  • Brogan, Paul – 29.00

Our Betting Picks

Now that we have shown you the odds. It’s time for us to give you our Dancing With The Stars predictions. According to the Irish Examiner. Brooke Scullion has broken history records with the points he has received. This is a part of show business. But is it fake? Doubtful. Therefore, it will take a lot of work for the other contestants to catch up with him. Therefore, we already have our betting picks selected. We believe that Brooke Scullion is going to win the show in 2023.

However, if you believe it is not true, then you will still have Panti Bliss left. She is one of the most famous Drag Queens in Ireland. And her performance on the show is not only for the woke movement. She is an LGBTQ+ rights activist in Ireland. Therefore, she represents everything dancing should be about.

Concluding The Dancing With The Stars Predictions

It’s time to give you our conclusion about the event. Therefore, the Irish Dancing With The Stars 2023 might run as a last attempt to save the title. However, we can see that there is an endless amount of talent showing up this year. This is proven by the fact that Brooke Scullion has broken world records with his first-ever performance on the show. However, he might get outshined in the long run.

Because there are many dances left. And honestly, we believe that Panti Bliss is going to be able to contest his skills. However, to be able to bet on him with 4.30, her with 3.75, and on Stephanie Roche with 7.00? All of these odds are way too good to not wager. And if you are interested in more of Panti Bliss’s energy? Check out our RuPaul Drag Race season 15 odds too.

How To Bet?

The reason why we recommend you bet on the Dancing With The Stars predictions is simple. Because Ireland is living in’s golden era of gambling with the New Irish gambling bill approved. Therefore, Ireland is one of the first countries that know how to professionally monitor safe gambling. In conclusion, if you are Irish, then you can be proud of your country’s professionalism when it comes to casinos and sportsbooks. However, if you are just interested in betting on the event. Then we are going to recommend you take the following steps;

  • Register at Playzilla Sportsbook.
  • Confirm your registration via e-mail verification.
  • Navigate to the website and click on the search bar on the left.
  • Manually try to look for the “Entertainment” main category.
  • Expand the menu and you are going to see the Dancing With The Stars odds.
  • Therefore, all you need to do is to click on the odds you wish to wager on.
  • However, you can make a multibet. In conclusion, you will have to purchase the betting slip you have created.

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