Dangerous Moments In Sports – How Not To Train

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Dangerous Moments In Sports

We love to click on failed workout videos, which are funny, but they don’t show the consequences. Many times the next stop is the emergency room. So don’t overdo the workouts, and be sure to consult with experts to avoid similar moments! Have you seen videos where the subjects jump up to do some pull-ups, but the bar breaks off, and they end up on the ground? Or when they train with a rubber rope but don’t fasten it securely, and it hits the unfortunate athlete on the face or back? These scenes are familiar, aren’t they? The internet is full of hilarious videos, but all jokes aside, these are very dangerous moments in sports one can get seriously injured. We collected some funny and some deterrent examples for you.

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Training With a Full Stomach

Yes, training with a full stomach can cause dangerous moments in sports. They often say that a workout does not begin with a warm-up. That is indeed the case. If you already know that you will do some sports, it is worth preparing consciously. You should pay attention to some things an hour or two before your workout since several factors can have a negative effect on your performance. For instance, do not exercise immediately after large meals! Of course, this does not mean that you should not eat anything before training. A healthy diet has options for before and after training, but after a more hearty meal, training does not make much sense.

With heavy foods in your stomach, your body will struggle to digest the food, causing more blood to flow into your stomach. So if you train with a full stomach, you can no longer have as much blood circulating in your muscles as you would need for an effective workout. Therefore it will also make your digestion and performance much worse. If you start running with a full stomach, you may get nauseous or have abdominal pain. In this case, it is unnecessary to continue to torture yourself, wait a little longer for training. Not to mention, you might end up in a “funny” fail to video yourself.

Pay Attention

Working out in a gym, for many people, is an embarrassing experience. Especially if you are a newbie or not a regular guest there. Try not to make it more awkward and pay attention to what you do or did. For example, do not leave machines sweaty. There is no problem with sweating during training, after all, that’s why a person goes there.

Dangerous Moments In Sports
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However, using towels is an essential part of gym etiquette, as is wiping machines after using them. Perhaps the most annoying are those who have long and loud conversations over the phone. 

The other, no less, irritating group includes those who listen to their own music in a disturbingly loud way. Use earphones, PLEASE! The basic rules we learned in preschool apply here too. When you were little, you had to put away the toys. You have to return the equipment to its original place, in a gym. Anyone can fall or injure themselves in the weights left on the ground. Maybe to some, these things don’t sound like dangerous moments in sports, but everything has consequences, like a few not-so-nice words from not so little guys. So it’s best if you make peace, not war!

Dangerous Moments in Sports – Weightlifting

A recurring scene in the workout fails videos is the person who wants to lift too much weight and usually ends up with the weight falling on them or something equally as scary. These are not just random recordings but well-composed attempts to show the world how strong they are. Of course, it is crucial to push our boundaries, this is the key to development. However, it is not worth exaggerating since a single failed attempt for a planned Insta post can lead to dangerous moments in sports, even crippling us for a lifetime.

Dangerous Moments In Sports
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People’s imaginations know no bounds, even when it comes to sports equipment. For some, it may seem like a good idea to put the weights on top of each other and then jump on the column. Of course, it is a bad idea as the discs are slipping on top of each other, so a nasty fall is guaranteed. Just like the well-deserved laughter, a silly fail like this triggers from the viewers. Although, the misuse of an exercise machine also leads to similar results. If you get lost in thoughts on the treadmill, you can hit the floor quite hard. Online sportsbook sites in the US offer special bets, so you can even find funny or weird wagers at Bovada Sportsbook.

Dangerous Moments in Sports – Home Fails

Working out at home can be especially dangerous. We tend to make the mistake of getting the wrong equipment and then trying to use what’s around the house. At some point, however, this is dangerous. Some use furniture instead of dumbbells or fasten the rubber rope improperly. Make enough space for the workout and avoid anything that might disturb you. Keep pets away if possible because they can cause unpleasant surprises, and of course, it comes in handy to know how to use the expensive tools …

Dangerous Moments In Sports
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Most importantly, don’t train for the camera! It won’t make you stronger or healthier if the whole world sees you lifting hundreds of pounds. When training, put your phone far away and focus only on your exercises, whether you’re at home or in the gym. Before using exercise machines, ask an expert for help to know what they are for. Always pay attention to yourself during your own workout. Of course, there are not just dangerous but amusing videos, even gym camera tapes, which show us strange movements and big falls. Check out our articles of funny sky jumping fails or read about the funniest Olympic fails. Learn from the mistakes of others, take care of your health, and try to avoid ending up in one of those!

Don’t Forget

It’s a great feeling when you have completed a hard and sweaty workout, and it’s even better when our efforts don’t go to waste. It would be easy to ruin these efforts if we do not lead a conscious and healthy lifestyle. One of the most dangerous moments in sports come from dehydration after a workout. Unfortunately, most people suffer from it. We should drink at least 30-40 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day, and after one hour of training, you need to replace 500-1000 ml of water. It should be more if you sweat a lot. Make sure to get properly hydrated before, during, and after your workout. We know that a few minutes counts a lot on a busy day, but don’t save time on warming up and stretching. These are just as much a part of training as, say, the workout itself. Your muscles will respond much better to your workout if you treat them well and sacrifice time for stretching after your workout.

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