Danish General Election 2023 betting odds: Who Will Be Prime Minister?

  • Danish General Election 2023 betting odds suggest Social Democrats as most populat again
  • We discuss Danish poltics and most popular parties to get ahead of the 2023 elections
  • PM Mette Frederiksen is still most popular according to recent polls
Danish General Election 2023 betting odds

The next general elections in Denmark will be in 2023 without a snap election happening. We describe Danish politics as a leftist, pro-welfare and promoter of social equality when reflecting on previous years. In a multi-party systems coalitions are likely to happen, as we can see from the current PM, Mette Frederiksen’s case. This article discusses the 2023 Danish general election betting odds. See a quick overview of the current political landscape and the opinions of Danish voters. 

General elections in Denmark are scheduled for the 4th of June, 2023. The Social Democrats (SD)shaped the political landscape of the country in recent years. The SD is lead by Mette Frederiksen, who was appointed Prime Minister following the 2019 elections. Frederiksen is the youngest prime minister of the country and the second female prime minister in office. According to online sportsbooks news sites in Denmark, the 2023 Danish general election betting odds suggest Mette Frederiksen and the Social Democrats will form the government again. This article explores the current political climate in Denmark and discusses odds on other candidates to be appointed Prime Minister after the election.

Danish politics now and then

The Danish political scene is a multi-party system with two large parties but equally important smaller ones. Coalitions are common in Denmark since no single party won a sole majority in the 21st century. Since the 1990s, most governments have been coalition governments led by either Venstre or the Social Democrats. In 2019, Mette Frederiksen’s party formed a coalition. The Danish Parliament, or Folketing,  constitutes 179 elected members.

Frederiksen is leading a single-party government (48 seats out of 179), which however has the support of the “red bloc”. This consists of the Social Liberals (16 seats), Socialist People’s Party (14 seats), the Red-Green Alliance (13 seats), the Faroese Social Democratic Party and the Greenlandic Siumut. The opposition (“blue block”) includes Venstre (43 seats, conservative-liberal party).  Also, the right-wing Danish People’s Party (16 seats), the Conservative People’s Party (12 seats), the green party “Alternative” (5 seats) and the right-wing party “New Right” (4 seats) (source: Nordea).

Mette Frederiksen favoured by Danish General Election 2023 betting odds

Danish General Election 2023 betting odds
Mette Frederiksen – The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The 27th Prime Minister of Denmark is leading the Social Democrats in Denmark since 2015. Frederiksen started her political career as her party’s spokesperson for culture, media and gender equality early in 2002. She is an advocate for liberal views, promoting school and healthcare systems as well as gender equality. After the 2011 elections, when the Social Democrats formed the government, Frederiksen served as Minister of Employment, later Minister of Justice. After the 2019 elections, her main focuses as prime minister included welfare boosting and climate issues.

The young Prime Minister became more known to the world after responding to Donald Trump, that Greenland is not for sale. After Trump made an offer to Greenland, which is an autonomous territory, Frederiksen said the idea was absurd. This lead to some political scandal with Donald Trump. However, on a more serious note, Mette Frederiksen has been enjoying rising support over her handling of the virus outbreak, and currently shows 1.30 at the 2023 Danish general election betting odds on Unibet Sportsbook.

Jakob Elleman Jesen as the new face of Venstre

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen is a Danish politician who has been chairman of the Venstre party since 21 September 2019. The 2023 Danish general election betting odds list Jensen as the second most likely candidate to be appointed as Prime Minister. Following previous PM, Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s step down, Jensen became Venstre’s party leader. Jensen is from a political family. His endeavours include the prevention of waste and food waste specifically from an environmentalist perspective. Danish society has quite a unity when considering major issues such as climate change and environmental awareness. However, the leader of Denmark’s blue block is currently facing the biggest drop in popularity according to the latest Voxmeter survey. Venstre would receive just 13.0 per cent of the votes if the elections would be tomorrow Source: CPHPOST).

Conservative People’s Party: A less likely option

File:Political Assembly, Copenhagen, 4-5 September 2017 (36836727716) (cropped).jpg
Søren Pape Poulsen – European People’s Party, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Søren Pape Poulsen is listed as the third most likely candidate on Unibet Sportsbook. The 2023 Danish general election betting odds reflect the lower popularity of the centre-right Conservative People’s Party. Even though the party has participated in several coalition governments, only one Prime Minister came from them. As we can see in all Nordic countries, Danish people tend to vote for social democrats. Welfare is a priority in Danish political ideology. The Conservative People’s Party, however, favours more individualism, free market. It has way less focus on equality measures than we can see from current tendencies. If the Danish elections would happen tomorrow, the Social Democratic party would take most of the seats.

Voter’s opinion and the 2023 Danish general election betting odds

According to Statista, Danes rate their PM pretty high since she came into office. Understandably, the current health crisis influence all political actions and opinions, we can see the same case in Denmark too. While around 40 per cent of the Danish population believed she did a good job in the last quarter of 2019, Frederiksen’s popularity increased to nearly 80 per cent as of April 2020. According to polls showed on Politico, the Social Democrats are ahead in the polls by 32 per cent from last month. Interestingly, the Liberal Party (Venstre) and the Conservative People’s Party show a shift in popularity. While Vestre, lead by Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, was the second most popular political party in Denmark according to recent polls, we can see a big plunge from the last couple of months, making it similar to the Conservative People’s Party.

The latter, however, lead by Søren Pape Poulsen, is less likely according to the 2023 Danish general election betting odds. Unibet Sportsbook shows odds at 11.00 for Søren Pape Poulsen and 3.00 for Jakob Ellemann-Jensen to appointed as PMs after the elections. Conclusively, recent polls and predictions highly rely on the current health crisis. It is likely to change in the near future depending on the effectiveness of political actions made by Frederiksen. We have yet to see what opinion polls suggest on the two other major parties. However, it is likely that either the Social Democrats or Vestre will have the majority. We advise you to keep one eye on online sportsbook sites in Denmark, and another one up to date polls of the opinion of Danish people.

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