David Beckham to Pick his First Miami MLS Permanent Manager

Miami MLS permanent manager

After the big celebrations in late January 2018, David Beckham, co-owner of the Miami MLS franchise is in process to build up a squad and staff. First step perhaps will be to find the right Miami MLS permanent manager. So who would compete for such a job?

Online sportsbooks in the US suggest Beckham’s group would be considering one of the big names in order to push ticket sales and get the marketing men interested. Probably if one of European big names takes in charge of the future team, it will be easier for David Beckham to bring some superstars in, like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in the later stages of their career. Some of the top names Beckham would consider for Miami MLS permanent manager are Arsene Wenger, Patrick Vieira, and Zinedine Zidane, according to online betting sites in the US.

First Miami MLS permanent manager ever

It took him four years to obtain the license and launch his franchise in Miami, thus Beckham needs to finish some crucial things before starting to sign in players and staff. There is still no name for the team or logo, in addition nailing down a stadium deal remains at the top of Beckham’s to-do list along with naming the new head.

The next Miami MLS permanent manager will be required not just to put the club on track and make it competitive in the domestic league, but also he will have to build an entire philosophy for the newly created club. So who is wise enough to build such foundation for Beckham’s team?

Beckham’s wish list

According to online betting sites in the US, David Beckham’s long history as a player in Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and LA Galaxy makes him very close to lots of big names in European football. Arsene Wenger will soon leave Arsenal, looking for new adventures. At Betvictor Sportsbook Wenger is on top of the odds with (+800). Thus, unsurprisingly Patrick Vieira with great success of coaching MLS franchise New York City FC, and Real’s Zinedine Zidane share the same odds, to join Beckham’s new club.

Gary Neville the former teammate of David Beckham at Man United is one of the frontrunners to be next Miami MLS permanent manager with (+1200) odds at Betvictor Sportsbook. In addition, the most decorated manager in the running Carlo Ancelotti is expected to fancy a challenge in the MLS with (+1600) odds, if he does not try new opportunity in Europe when the season concludes.

Perhaps the first Miami MLS permanent manager will be picked up based on David Beckham’s close relations with European managers. Yet the signing will probably not be this summer, as Miami team will start playing in the 2020 MLS campaign, so there is still one year ahead of Beckham to choose his best candidate.

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