Youtube Rivalry Gets Physical: Bet on KSI vs Logan Paul Boxing Match

Bet on KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match

Logan Paul has recently divided the opinion of his fans by posting controversial images of suicide victims in the notorious japanese “forest of death”. Perhaps that is why he is eager to generate some hype about another event. Logan ceriantly picked well, now the whole internet is watching and will bet on KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match.

Logan Paul is one of the most successful social media personalities with over 3.584 billion video views to date. He began his full time career at just 19, quitting his job and moving to Los Angeles. His feats are certainly impressive but this boxing match could be his biggest challenge yet.

KSI is slightly less known than Logan but as the biggest YouTube star in the UK he certainly has a lot to prove. Known for his big mouth and witty comments, he was the one to challenge Logan. Could his bark be louder than his bite?

How it began

KSI announced his challenge to a live stream audience larger than the viewer count of the Wimbledon tennis championship final. He certainly got his message out and for Logan the challenge was too large not to accept.

Previous fights

For KSI this is not his first official boxing match against another YouTuber. In February he faced youtube heavyweight Joe Weller in london’s olympic park. KSI won with a technical knockout, beating Weller in just three rounds.

So KSI has more boxing experience than Logan. He is also famous for his video game playing. Playing plenty of fighting games which could give him a tactical advantage but it is unclear if this virtual experience would translate into anything useful in the ring.

Logan paul as a footballer and wrestler

Logan is already an accomplished athlete and wrestler. He achieved the rank of the Plain Dealers All-star linebacker in 2012 and played in the High school college league. You can see where he gets his excitable online persona if you watch some of his early touchdown celebrations.

An online gambling site pointed out that Logan even qualified for the Ohio State Athletic Association so that he could compete in the state-level division-one wrestling league. It may not quite be boxing but Logan certiantly has the right background in contact sports to know how to throw his weight around.

Height vs build

Despite his experience in the ring KSI is shorter than Logan and has a slightly shorter reach. While some bloggers have highlighted KSI’s fairly good performance in his last boxing match he may have bit off more than he could chew when he challenged this 6”2’ linebacker.

Brains vs Brawl

Could studying engineering at university help in a boxing match? Perhaps a good understanding of force could give Logan a better ability to deflect blows and even earn him a few more hits.

Check out the odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

  1. KSI: 4/9
  2. Logan Paul: 13/8

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