Does Drone Doom Danes To Defeat In Euro 2016 Qualifiers?

Denmark from space

Drones are of major concern to many people, especially those getting blown up by them, but they’re starting to have an impact back here in Europe too…….just ask the Danes

Drones have become the bane of many a country, terrorizing the population, a constant circling death that might at any time rain down oblivion on those felt objectionable by some winged-wonder in a cargo container outside Las Vegas. Their expanding deployment by military organizations around the world bringing us ever closer to that dystopian future science fiction writers have been warning us about for decades where we puny meatsacks are all wiped out by the rise of the robots.

Danes Dislike Drones

• Serbian drone hands Albania win
• Equal points in Group I as Denmark
• Two sides to play on September 4th

Their use by law enforcement in our own nations concerns us, but since our neighbors haven’t accidentally been vaporized by an errant Hellfire missile as yet, our worry is kept to a minimum. The appliance of science in this manner is something we are willing to accept, apparently, in return for greater security in a time we are constantly told is fraught with danger (typically by the very people who should be minimizing that danger for us).

The threat of terrorism and need for vigilance at a price we can afford means drones are set to be ever more frequently seen in the skies across Europe, and if you add to that the number being bought or tested for commercial or recreational use and soon the cloud-tossed blue will be almost infested with the buzzing little buggers. Most of us will find this of passing interest, but there’s at least one nation in Europe that is already gambling news coverage of drone instances won’t include their country. Of which nation do I speak? Why Denmark of course.

Albanian Drone, Serbian Fans & Arbitration

Serbia Albania drone

Albanian players fleeing the crowd’s fury

Denmark has suffered, just this year, terrorist attacks on its home soil and you might therefore leap to the conclusion that they would welcome drones as a protection against more of their cartoonists getting gunned down, but unfortunately the relationship between Denmark and drones has been entirely soured by the one instance so far in which the remotely piloted winged vehicles have impinged upon them. Oddly this occurrence involved neither hellfire missiles nor bomb damage assessment.

Trolling level 99: Your nationalistic cause gets attention, your underdog team gets 3 gifted points

Certainly there are those in Denmark that are, like the rest of us, worried about the possible invasion of privacy that these circling or hovering cameras might perpetrate, and even more who question the effect this all seeing eye might have on civil liberties of the future in general, however this sensible concern is not why Danes have a problem with drones, and indeed the one they have the biggest problem with never flew in Denmark at all.

The the Danish relationship with drones was scuppered just as soon as one of them bearing a Serbian flag was flown into the Belgrade football stadium where the Serbian national team was playing against Albania last October. At the time this prompted the match to be abandoned due to the sudden rather violent invasion of the pitch by irate fans, the negative impact on Denmark was to take a little longer in coming, and has left those that like to bet on sports in Denmark with scowls all round.

Drone Damages Danish Disposition On Road To France

Bendtner Denmark

That’s it then? They win because they provoked a good smacking?

 The match was part of the Group I qualifiers for the Euro 2016 finals in France, and having been abandoned it was left to UEFA to decide on a result. Their first response was to award Serbia a 3-0 win, but then strip them of 3 points for crowd trouble (Serbian fans not being backward about coming forward when their home pitch is being invaded by Albanians) however both sides then appealed this decision and the matter passed on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) with the speed of a perv fast forwarding through a hand job compilation tape.

CAS decided, in its infinite wisdom, to overturn the UEFA ruling and award the Albanians a 3-0 win instead, a fact with which Albania is rightfully pleased, but has left Danes a tad annoyed, since this now placed Albania on equal points as them in the group with a match in hand. The head coach Morten Olsen has said he finds the decision “baffling” and whilst Portugal were always a shoo-in, CAS ruling has pushed Denmark out to 6.00 behind Albania at 5.75 on sites like Comeon! Sportsbook, so if you’re Danish gambling laws of aviation might come to the rescue, think again, your national side now has to win all three matches ahead of it to stand a chance, but I won’t drone on about it……

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