Don’t Bet On Swedish Convict’s Claims Being Too True

Peter Mungs book Ibrahimovic

Swedish superstar striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was targeted by a gunman who was eventually convicted of two killings, or at least so the imprisoned man claims

We have all, at one point or another, been assured in our own minds that shooting someone is the best way to solve an ongoing difficulty, a negative impacting circumstance, or the ultra-annoyance of their continued breathing and existence. Our reasoning at the time tainted heavily by the direct impact that person is having on us and our current situation and the speculation of just how easy life would suddenly become if their head were turned into a fine red mist.

Swedish Near Miss
• PSG Striker targeted by serial killer
• Claims made in new book
• Bad parking to blame?

The diversity of the people that can invoke these thoughts is remarkable for its variety. Immediate family members, teachers at school, bosses at work, that guy in traffic, the tax man, street mimes and, of course, in extreme cases, ourselves, all happily manage to provoke the, at least momentary, desire to inflict an execution on someone to make all our problems go away. Thankfully the vast majority of us keep these both fleeting and infrequent, never actually acting upon them.

Were we not to do so everyone who ever missed a penalty shootout kick, failed to complete that game winning pass, or crashed on the last lap when our money was riding on them at ComeOn! Sportsbook, would be a victim of a sudden hail of bullets rather than merely the verbal abuse so often meted out at these times of emotional disappointment. We would all be constantly gambling news reports would not be of our relatives being shot by someone…….before we got the chance.

Claims Made In Swedish Convict’s New Book

However whilst most of us can ignore this urge as a practically inapplicable imaginary stress reliever, some just don’t quite have the same level of restraint. This then, is why recent revelations from a new book by Swedish psycho Peter Mangs who, thankfully for the rest of society, now resides behind bars, involve his wishing to shoot PSG super-player Zlatan Ibrahimovic which might be a tad unsurprising given shooting people is Peter Mangs default response setting.

Peter Mangs Gun
Between 2003 and 2010 in Malmo Peter Mangs was responsible for a series of shootings with many victims shot through open windows of parked cars, businesses, and residences, as well as simply being gunned down in the street as they walked along. Despite being linked to over a dozen attacks his conviction was on but two murder charges, those brought for the deaths of Trez West Persson and Kooros Effatian, the first shot in her car, the second in his home.

It would be easy to imagine a chap like Mangs a tad annoyed at some on-pitch failing of Ibrahimovic, like many people who like to bet on sports in Sweden might be at the time, deciding to have his revenge on the striker not by cursing his name, but by going out and shooting him. The truth, however, according to this convicted psychotic killer, has nothing to do with the Swede’s deft touch letting him down in the final third, but with his ability to park a Ferrari.

The Mangs With A Emboldened Gun

Mangs claims that he took exception to Ibrahimovic parking his red sports car on the pavement, an act that our imprisoned nutter calls “typically Balkan behavior” a stereotype of the Bosnians I had not hitherto been aware of. I think of many things when I hear mention of Bosnia, none of them until now revolving around either parking on pavements or, to be brutally frank, owning Ferraris. However Mangs was so outraged he instantly returned home to fetch a firearm.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ferrari
Polite note under the windscreen wipers? No. Reporting it to the local authorities? No. Savagely crafted letter for publication in the local newspaper? Not a chance. No, Mr. Mangs went straight home to get a gun and return to shoot the footballer. Obviously whilst I don’t condone parking on pavements, and am hugely jealous of anyone that owns a Ferrari, I don’t think either one warrants the death penalty. Mangs, however, apparently disagrees, and we are fortunate that when he returned, Mr. Ibrahimovic had already gone.

“I thought there would be a proper hullabaloo in the media if the gent in question were to be shot.”  
Says Mangs in his book, which will probably sell marginally better off the publicity surrounding this story of non-event, conclusively proving that no one who ever uses the term “hullabaloo” can be trusted. Thankfully this is all just the puffed up bragging of an old lag and we’ve only his word for its veracity. Were Swedish gambling laws amenable to wagers on such things I would almost certainly put twenty on it being complete fiction.

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