Finnish Formula One Favorite Bottas Bets On Management Plan

Valterri Bottas Formula 1

Valterri Bottas has been linked with Ferrari for two years time but he says he still doesn’t have a drive for 2016, but if one thing’s clear, he won’t be signing for Red Bull

Finnish gambling laws might be based around the monopoly state operators but that doesn’t stop Finns putting their cash behind their favorite Formula One drivers at sites like ComeOn! Sportsbook. The razzamatazz that surrounds the pinnacle of motorsport making it both a superb spectacle and the perfect sport to wager on. Whilst the on-track antics of the drivers make for the best television much of the action as such goes on behind the scenes in the gossip around the paddock.

Bottas Looks Ahead
• No contract for 2016
• Red Bull Threaten quitting
• Streets of Monaco beckon

Whilst this is part and parcel of the circus that is Formula One it steps up a gear when the caravan of cars descends on the streets of Monaco. A favorite with TV audiences and sponsors the teams themselves are less enthusiastic about a circuit with few overtaking opportunities and a reputation for retiring drivers, especially in wet weather where nosing into the barriers at high speed is a regular occurrence making some races a bit of a lottery.

The cramped conditions make for a great atmosphere if you’re not trying to work in it and the twisting circuit is not overly endowed with the room necessary for a modern F1 team. It has all the glamor and is steeped in history but in practical terms it’s a huge pain for teams who prefer the wide open run offs of the purpose built tracks rather than this hijacking of the public streets of a European tax haven disguised as an ancient principality.

”I’m sure they have some kind of plan….”

With contract negotiations reportedly completed between Mercedes and World Champion Lewis Hamilton the somewhat overblown rumors of his moving to Ferrari can be quashed which means that Raikkonen’s position is a little more secure in the sort term, although his replacement by fellow Finn Valterri Bottas seems set for 2017. Oddly however Bottas is reported not to have a contract yet for 2016 and that it was still being worked on.

“That’s for my management to think about and I’m sure they have some kind of plan for this season for the years ahead.”
Said Bottas, highlighting the degree to which drivers aren’t always party to the details of deals being done. “I don’t have anything for next year. My management is doing all that and maybe there’s some things they didn’t tell me so maybe you should ask them. At the moment I’m not thinking about any move, I’m just thinking about getting the best out of this season.”

Raikkonen Vittel Formula 1 Ferrari team
His performance at Williams in pursuit of the Ferraris of Raikkonen and Vettel, who are in turn hot on the heels of the Mercedes duo of Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, has been exemplary and it’s unlikely he’ll go without a drive for the 2016 season, all whilst Raikkonen looks to defend his place at Ferarri with his usual mixture of wry comments and hard driving, however in Spain it was Bottas who took fourth from the Ferrari driver much to the delight of fans who like to bet on sports in Finland.

Finns, Ferraris & Formula 1

Whilst up front Hamilton and Rosberg loath each other, and indeed it’s only Rosberg’s win in Spain that has prevented him having a complete meltdown, it would seem there’s a bit of a grudge match developing between these two Finnish drivers. In the competitive world of F1 such rivalries are commonplace and often produce hard-fought battles that make for exciting watchable racing that’s great to gamble on. Ferrari keeping Raikkonen worried, Bottas looking to impress a team to get a contract for next year.

Rosberg Hamilton Formula1
Top five finishes will certain make him a sought after driver, but which team will get him? Well it’s unlikely to be Red Bull who have decided to stamp their foot, throw their toys out of their pram and schweam about not having a competitive engine, and how they’ll leave Formula 1 if they don’t get one and aren’t allowed to bring Audi in to help them do so. Of course they’ve said this before but they’ll be gambling news coverage of their threats will help sway the powers that be to get them the deal they want.

Audi have reported far less opposition to the concept these days, but the rulers of Formula 1 might not be so keen, although they’ll be even less keen to see a team quit racing. Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull drove to a respectable 7th in Spain, but the team still feel hard done by as Mercedes dash off into the distance with Ferrari and Williams eating their dust. It’s telling for their woes of performance, however, that Riccardo only gets 201.00 at ComeOn! Sportsbook to win in Monaco and 1001.00 to be World Champion.

Monaco might be the classic race but with so many with so much to prove, not least of which is the hothead Rosberg’s desire to continue beating Hamilton like he did in Spain, it could be a chaotic encounter at best. This means there are some great each way bets to be considered when you settle down to watch it, it’s only ever a slight nudge into the barriers away from being anyone’s race, and given the grudges out there you can almost bet on just that happening.

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