Don’t Bet On England To Win The 5th Ashes Test In Sydney

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It’s been painful watching England in Australia during this the 2017/18 Ashes tour, and indeed there is some small measure of comfort to be gained from knowing it’ll soon all be over, however for those of us still wondering if we should bet on England to win at bookmakers like BetVictor, the news of a new young bowler might not be enough to sway us when the odds seem very much stacked against the visitors.

  • Can England salvage some small self respect in Sydney in the 5th Test?
  • Will Australia prove 13/20 odds right and be triumphant against England?
  • Could Mason Crane be decisive selection and help England beat those dire 16/5 odds?
  • Should you bet on the weather handing England a draw at 10/3?

“To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life.” Or so said the ghastly 19th century imperialist Cecil Rhodes, possibly because at the time there appeared a lot of weight to the argument, however, it’s been a long time since Britain ruled the waves, now very much into waiving the rules, or at least that’s what some of the less diplomatic Australians have been muttering. Personally I’d not bet on England having tampered with the ball in the 4th Ashes Test, if they had, they might have won.

Three losses and a draw is a dismal record for an Ashes tour by anyone’s standards and you can bet on England to be firing on all cylinders in their final chance to save a smidgen of self-respect. Not, frankly, that the big online bookies like BetVictor believe they’ll manage it, but then if you regularly bet on sports in the UK you’ll be only too aware the bookies rarely have faith in any team with England in the title, and perhaps rightfully so but might not England salvage some dignity in Sydney?

Root Welcomes Crane To 5th Test Side

England Face One Last Test

Naturally you can’t bet on the England team to be the same as that which stumbled to a draw in Melbourne where Alistair Cook getting 244 should have seen England home to a win. The British tabloids already making a big song and dance about the absence of Chris Woakes through a side strain injury and his replacement by the somewhat unknown quantity that is Mason Crane. At just 20 years old the Hampshire leg-spinner will make his debut in Sydney, a situation captain Joe Root understands.

“He’s very excited,” agreed Root, “As you would be. It’s great to see someone so desperate to play for England.” Adding that he felt the game in Sydney was “a great place to start his career.” This might be stretching things a little, but it’s pleasing to see England finally have a captain who can encourage his newer team mates not fear them as competition. Not that you can bet on England selectors being as supportive, anyone in the UK gambling news of sensible selection is imminent is praying for miracles.

Bet On England In The 5th Ashes Test At BetVictor

Not that the team on the pitch in Sydney will be able to blame the selectors when they lose. With a few isolated pockets of resistance the slide has been all but constant since the off. That ten wicket loss at The Gabba in Brisbane, the embarrassing 120 run defeat in Adelaide, and then the wholesale destruction in Perth where the margin of an innings and 41 runs made you wonder if you shouldn’t bet on England to never win again. There’s been precious little evidence they can so far this winter.

Alright so that’s over dramatic, but in game of just two teams a bet on England winning is getting just 16/5 at BetVictor. That’s almost insulting, especially because it’s accurate. The Australians garner 13/20 which says all you need to know about the match really, and if you think the weather might play a part and see the game drawn you can take advantage of UK gambling laws and find 10/3 odds on that too.
England face a 5th test with no wins to their name this winter, don’t expect them to get one now.

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