Dota 2 guide – How to Improve Your Gameplay in General

  • Professional esport gamers make around 3000-5000 dollars monthly
  • Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the esports
  • Practicing the game is the best strategy to follow
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As the popularity of video games grow, people have started to understand that gaming is a legitimate sport too. Professional teams are competing in tournaments all around the world to win hundreds and thousands of dollars. Esport pro gamer is a real career now, with an average salary that sometimes exceeds some of the most prestigious careers. Earning money while doing something that you actually enjoy is a dream of many. So whether you’re trying to get a career as a pro gamer or trying to beat your friend in the game, here is a Dota 2 Guide that can up your game significantly.

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One of the most popular esports games is Dota 2. It has the largest number of players worldwide. Therefore, the prize pool of the tournaments are usually the highest in the industry. Also even if you’re not a pro gamer you can still earn money by streaming if you’re good enough. Now, without further ado, let’s see the Dota 2 guide on how you can improve your gameplay.

Don’t forget to check your opponent items

There’s a lot you can know from checking your opponent’s items. One of the biggest mistakes new players make is to ignore the opponent’s items.  From the inventory of them, you can guess their next motive, thus plan a counterattack. Dota 2 is a game of strategies after all. Knowing the items is necessary to do this. You don’t have to know everything, but studying what the popular heroes’ items are and why people get it can be really helpful. Now there are simply too many items for you to memorize, so start with the basic ”counters” and “commons”.

Pick a hero and master it

Dota 2 is a complex game with over 100 heroes. There is no pro gamer who doesn’t have a main hero. Obviously you can’t keep sticking to one hero since it can set a pattern which your opponent can easily pick up. However, choosing one hero as you start and sticking to it until you master is one of the most important Dota 2 guides. Watch youtube videos about your hero, learn their skills, play style and abilities. Don’t change your hero until you’re absolutely sure that you’ve mastered it. Playing as many games as possible with your hero is the best way you can learn. Without practice, all that guides you’ve read or watched will be unnecessary. Also, actually playing is so much better than spending hours watching videos, anyways.

Play with real people

If you’re planning on going pro, you should probably stop playing with the bots. Some Dota 2 guides advise you to play with hard bots when you start to learn more about items and heroes. They’re not wrong, but you should keep in mind that this is for the beginners. In order to really learn about the strategy of the game and get adjusted to the match’s environment, you should try to play with real people as often as possible. With bots you can only practice the last hits. Playing with people can help you really build your skill and get you more acquainted with item building.

dota 2 | Sergey Galyonkin | Flickr
Dazzle at the secret shop – Image via Flickr

Study the pro gamers

This might sound weird for the beginners, but is one of the absolutely necessary Dota 2 guides. Watching how professional gamers play in tournaments can help you learn about their mentality and game strategies. You can watch the free streams of the biggest tournaments in bet365 sportsbooks. You need a registered account and make at least one deposit in order to watch them. Also streaming services like Twitch and Steam TV. If you’re starting out your journey to become the pro gamer, observe everything in those matches. Look out for the environment, both the team’s actions and where they are setting the traps. After you’ve watched enough games, where you should set the traps and where to place your heroes will start to come to you naturally. Most pro players give advice or explain what they’re doing while playing so make sure to catch them.

Use the hotkeys and keyboard combos

One of the most important things that differentiate pro gamers from the beginner is the speed. Learning the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts can really help you increase your speed. Reacting to the attack as fast as possible and accurately is a key in the Dota 2 guide. All it comes down to is muscle memory. Now there’s no golden key that fits the all, you should experiment with a lot of the methods of shortcuts and find the way to master them. One method that lots of players use is to force yourself to use the combos instead of your mouse. After practicing with them for a while, you’ll get accustomed to them, thus use them without having to think about it.

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