Draft Brexit Agreement Betting

EU leaders and the UK Cabinet have endorsed the 585-page draft Brexit deal. PM Theresa May will now try to win support from a simple majority in the House of Commons. She will have to collect more than 320 votes. Bookmakers offer draft Brexit agreement betting odds on May’s ability to persuade the MPs that her deal is better than no deal.

Draft Brexit Agreement Betting

Theresa May is facing a real challenge to get the support needed from the Westminster. The MPs will debate the deal for five days on the floor of the House of Commons. The debate will conclude with a meaningful vote on December 11. The vote will decide the UK’s departure from the EU set to take place on March 29, 2019.

According to 1xBet Sportsbook, draft Brexit agreement special values at 11/8 for the deal to pass the Commons. If the House rejects May’s plan, the government will have 21 days to decide the next move. It could be the UK leaving the EU without a deal, or it could be renegotiating the draft. Mrs. May might call for snap election or even she might consider going to a second referendum.

May Needs 320 Votes to Pass the Deal

For the Brexit deal to pass the House of Commons May will need a simple majority of the 650 MPs. This means some 320 votes are needed to pass her draft. That is not impossible on paper. According to BBC, Prime Minister can count on around 226 Tory loyalists. She can also add a handful of pro Brexit Labour MPs who might back the deal. In addition, she will need to persuade some DUP MPs to reach a simple majority.

Theresa May
Theresa May will need a simple majority of the 650 MPs for the deal to pass.

May will use the Fear of Unknown

According to online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom, the political fate of Mrs. May rests on whether she can pass the deal in the House of Commons. Should the Commons reject the deal she will face calls for resignation. May is stubborn and unbending therefore she will push all the way to pass the deal through. Her best weapon to defend the draft will be using the fear of unknown to bring colleagues into line.

MPs to Choose May’s Draft over No Deal

Neither Britain nor the EU favour a no deal. No deal means there would be no 21 moths transition period, which Theresa May is currently proposing. The UK and the EU will revert to WTO rules. Britain will have to face the EU external tariffs. The price of goods will go up. FDI will move their operations to the EU. All these negative indicators will push the MPs to accept May’s draft.

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