Drunken Public Sex? It Must Be The Cheltenham Festival Again

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A lot of gambling has a local flavor. Parimutuel betting legal Missouri wide isn’t actually popular many other places, and looks down right weird from a distance, but then so do some of our more well known mainstays of gambling. Take the Cheltenham Festival, one of the biggest events on the racing calendar in the UK attracting massive business to sites like Bet365 and even bigger crowds to the event itself, but in recent years from a distance is pretty much the only way you’d want to watch it.

Cheltenham Festival 2016

  • Reports of,
  • Drunkenness
  • Nudity
  • Public Sex
  • Aggression

The pomp and circumstances of the British establishment has taken a few dents of late. Brexit looks set to beggar the nation, the BBC doesn’t own Bake Off anymore and Donald Trump might come and visit. To distract the populous of Stalag UK from these, and other, disasters the media has gone on a bizarre royal binge, Prince Harry and his charity work, the clothes of Princess Diana on display at Kensington Palace, and, of course, a sudden fixation on the Cheltenham Festival, still itself some two months off.

The Cheltenham Festival is always graced by a royal visit, and the great love of horses in the UK is due in no small part to the royal delight in this “sport of kings”, well that and the fact that save for race day it is a hobby the rich can enjoy without bumping into any poor people on equal terms. Even on race days the classes are segregated by ‘enclosures’ and whilst the wealthy preen and pose before one another the oiks take advantage of UK gambling laws entirely respectful of their betters just near by.

Well, supposedly.

Cheltenham Festival Attracts Unsavory Element

The age of deference now gone the wealthy retreat to the safety of their pavilions and stands, enclosures and booths, whilst the oiks, no longer content with merely attending now seem intent on aping their more well heeled neighbors at the Cheltenham Festival. The traditional visit to the dressing up box before the festival is part of the upper set’s season, the hats are ridiculous, the frocks nearly as bad, but in recent years the oiks too have begun to dress up for the occasion, which has led to issues.

2017 Cheltenham Festival

Event organizers are hoping there’s less of this during the 2017 Cheltenham Festival (photo:

The images of well dressed youth at the Cheltenham Festival drinking to excess were splashed across the tabloids last year, helped along by some nudity, a smattering of D list celebrities and lurid tales of public sex acts, the Cheltenham Festival looked more like Glastonbury Festival, and the British establishment was not at all pleased, indeed they were so displeased anyone in the UK gambling news papers won’t contain even worse stories this year is wholly unaware of how the British press works.

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Cheltenham Festival 2017

In order to combat this outbreak of the poor having fun without permission limits on the sale of alcohol were suggested, and indeed now attendees will only be able to purchase four drinks at once, and the local council intends imposing spot fines on those who refuse to stop drinking. Given how many British people react to being told they unexpectedly owe someone money whilst drunk I’d say that probably pretty much guarantees a riot. Giving the wealthy a reason to ban the poor from the event.

The sensible among us who like to bet on sports in the UK however will be able to view the Cheltenham Festival from the distant safety of our homes, doing our wagering on Bet365 who this year are ensuring you don’t get blindsided by a last minute withdrawal as they offer a No-Runner-No-Bet assurance alongside their Best Odds Guaranteed off which removes some of the less desireable risks of betting on the Cheltenham Festival, just a shame they can’t do anything about the drunk chavs.

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