Each Way Is Definitely The Best Bet On The Mexican ePrix

Mexican ePrix betting

Whilst everyone in Formula One, the posh boy’s go-kart club, tries to decide if Ferrari can really challenge Mercedes or whether Sebastian Vettel’s win in Australia was just a fluke (the 7/2 odds the bookies were offering seeming to indicate it was always on the cards) over in Formula E the future of motorsport is pitting drivers rather than engineers against each other and producing some much better racing, but who should you back at Bet365 if you’re going to bet on the Mexican ePrix this weekend?

Bet On The Mexican ePrix

• Felix Rosenqvist – 18/1
• Sam Bird – 11/1
• Esteban Gutierrez – 9/1
• Nicolas Prost – 8/1
• Lucas di Grassi – 13/2
• Jean-Eric Vergne – 9/2
• Sebastien Buemi – 5/4

Whilst F1 continues to battle the suspicion that it’s made itself too safe to be interesting, and tries to demonstrate that drivers with no personality are as fun to watch as the wild characters of old, the future of motor-racing, Formula E, heads out onto the track for its four race of the season and you can bet on the Mexican ePrix being quite the race as the rest of the field try to chase down Sebastien Buemi who is proving that even when all the cars are roughly the same, someone is still going to come out on top.

If you like to bet on sports in the UK a bet on the Mexican ePrix might seem a bit of an exotic wager but at least when you plonk your hard-earned cash down on Formula E at Bet365 or wherever you can be assured that you’re placing money on the skill of the driver and not the budget of the team concerned, in essence gambling far more on the individual than a whole division of a well known car manufacturer, something reflected in the odds you can get despite the domination of just one man.

Bet on the Mexican ePrix This Weekend At Bet365

Sebastian Vettel over at F1’s Ferrari will have to put in a miraculous effort in order to match Formula E’s current championship leader Sebastian Buemi who has bolted from the starting gates this season galloping to three wins on the trot in his Renault e Dams car, and you can bet on the Mexican ePrix to be very much his race again unless Jean-Eric Vergne and Lucas Di Grassi can sharpen up and match his lap consistency. What F1 won’t be able to match, however, is the unpredictability of the podium places.

Sebastian Buemi racing

Sebastian Buemi is considered to be the number 1 Formula E racer in the world (photo:

In F1 you can pretty much guess which three drivers will stand up there spraying champagne over each other as if ejaculating, regardless of which of them wins, whilst in Formula E Buemi might be a shoo in for the win (simply being the best driver out there) the drivers in second and third have varied wildly making a bet on the Mexican ePrix, if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365 or wherever, far more profitable if you go for the each-way options rather than anything on the nose.

Buemi Might Win But Who’ll Stand Next To Him On The Podium?

The odds, if you’re going to bet on the Mexican ePrix, see Sebastien Buemi as 5/4 favorite which is no surprise, with Jean-Eric Vergne on 9/2 being chased down by Lucas Di Grassi on 13/2, however it is the 8/1 on Nicolas Prost or 9/1 on Esteban Gutierrez that might attract an each-way bettor or perhaps even the 11/1 on Sam Bird, who has already had a podium place this season in Marrakesh and could well do it again, and if we were talking about F1 that would be where this ends, but this isn’t F1.

Swede Felix Rosenqvist came third in Marrakesh and has twice so far put in the Fastest Lap this season is getting a massively fun 18/1 in Mexico. Now that really is a tempting each way bet on the Mexican ePrix however it is the German Nick Heidfeld on 50/1 you might want to go each-way on if you believe he can repeat his podium place picked up in Hong Kong. Sure, there’s a lot of good drivers ahead of him if you’re in the UK gambling news of the same old names coming in the top three on the weekend in Mexico you just haven’t got used to the future of motor-sport being far more varied than F1.

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