Eat These To Be a Better Gambler, Part I.


Posted: May 29, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Forget energy drinks, eat healthy and get smarter, so you’ll get better results at the poker table.

If you often think about these two things: your diet and getting smarter, then you will definitely appreciate our next compilation. Here is all the nutrition your brain needs to function like Superman.

• Smart-up with blueberries
• Coffee helps with short-term memory
• Walnuts fight neurologic degenerations

Start eating a lot of these foods and I promise, your game will improve by a long shot. Not only that, but you’ll cope more easily in stressful situations and your memory and cognitive functions will get a boost. And, if you get healthier in the process (which you will, obviously,) so be it. This, for a true gambler, is a no-brainer. So pick up your basket and go grocery shopping. You won’t regret it.



These little suckers will make you think fast when you’re surfing on English poker sites or your mobile betting app. Plus, they have a really low amount of calories, so even if you’re planning on that beach body, don’t be afraid to eat some. The magic power of blueberries comes from anthocyanidins, which, according to Fit Day, are basically bioflavonoids. They are a rich source of antioxidants, and they protect you against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These compounds also have an anti-carcinogen effect (so your risk for cancer decreases,) and provide a shield against harmful chemicals.



Commonly used as a substitute for flour in baking, it is one of the healthiest nuts out there. Walnuts, too, are abundant with antioxidants, and also contain copper, magnesium and Omega-3. Copper helps with inflammations within the body and magnesium is good for your metabolism and muscles. Omega-3 is the Jolly Joker here: it defends the body from coronary heart diseases, neurologic degeneration. In some cases, the heightened intake of Omega-3 also helped with the symptoms of bipolar disease and depression.


Coffee cup and grains

I am an avid coffee-lover, so I totally approve of this section. We drink coffee to wake up in the morning, or when we’re tired in the afternoon after a meal. Or we drink it simply for the taste. Whatever the reason, keep on drinking it (but not too much, because that has a negative effect on your body.) Caffeine is proved to improve our short-term and working memory, which is especially important for all those gamblers who enjoy spending time on mobile casinos. Long-term memory also benefits from a habitual intake of caffeine: storage is said to increase by a great amount.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds

These brown tiny seeds act also as anti-depressants. Not only do they give you a better mood, they help you with focusing on your next move. They are a great source of Omega-3 (we already know why it’s good for us,) lignans and fiber. What are on God’s green Earth are lignans? Well, according to the website Lignans, they have many health benefits. They reduce bad cholesterol levels, have high antioxidant levels and fight to ward off cardiovascular disease and help in maintaining a healthy body. More specifically, eating flax seeds will prove to be good for your ovaries (ladies), your prostate (gentlemen) and people who eat flax seeds regularly usually evade diabetes.


Peppermint leaves

It’s common knowledge that peppermint tea has a great effect on our digestion. It combats bloating and indigestion. Few know, however, that peppermint also helps with relieving symptoms of allergies. It is also commonly used to reduce the nausea associated with chemotherapy. And, it is said to have an effect on our ability to focus and concentrate when there’s a hard task at hand. It also enhances our memory and the aroma helps with a killing headache. Definitely a plus when it comes to sitting down at the poker table. Who doesn’t love a nice glass of peppermint iced-tea when they’re doing some mobile casino gambling? Rip off some of those beautiful fresh leaves and go ahead, make some. You know you want to!

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