Edvard Tagseth Bets On A Future At Liverpool In Norway

Posted: August 12, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Norway seems to produce numerous young footballing talents these days and the latest, perhaps even greatest, Edvard Tagseth, has finally put an end to the mystery and suspense by signing for Liverpool FC

Norwegian gambling laws probably preclude wagering on the success of persons under the age of 18. There’s likely as not a rule somewhere making it illegal. This is a bit of a shame for those of us that like the odd wager because placing money on Edvard Tagseth to do quite well in life would be as sure a thing as any racing tip we’d ever got. The fact he’s currently only 14 meaning we’d need to wait a while to collect our winnings, but it’s still not a longshot by any stretch of the imagination.

Edvard Tagseth Heads To Merseyside

• Liverpool snap up Norwegian
• Man Utd & Ajax denied
• Only 14 years old

For a while he was linked to several major clubs around Europe, many of them in the English Premier League. Trials at various clubs, Everton perhaps now most notable, proved him every bit as good as the Norwegians had been saying he was, and the land that had already given the sport the insanely young genius that is Martin Odegaard seemed to have yet again created what the press just love to call a “wunderkind”.

Hagrid you’re a wizard

Looks more like Draco Malfoy, but can he be the chosen one?

Personally I think that makes him sound like he comes in a chocolate covered plastic egg and can be assembled by those 3 years of age and over, and anyway using German terms to describe a blonde guy that does stuff better than everyone else has some rather ghastly connotations if you ask me, so I shall avoid describing Edvard Tagseth in those terms. What I will say, on the other hand, is that the boy is a footballing legend in waiting and Liverpool are lucky to have snapped him up.

Edvard Tagseth Off To Anfield

Prior to making the deal public rumors had swirled hugely and those that like to bet on sports in Norway at ComeOn! Sportsbook could have had as much fun wagering on where he’d end up as they will have on his playing in the EPL before he’s 17. Manchester United expressed a desire to have him, Dutch team Ajax did too, and Everton’s interest just makes his signing for Merseyside rivals Liverpool that much more exciting. Given Liverpool’s lackluster performance on the weekend they need him.

Naturally Edvard Tagseth will remain in Norway playing for his local “Neset FK” team till his 16th Birthday. However he has announced having signed a pre-contract agreement with Liverpool. Precisely how a “pre-contract agreement” differs from a “contract” is hard to say, but I’m sure a lawyer will charge through the nose to explain it to you. Lest it be said the details have not been made public and that might have something to do with the money.

Liverpool have said they will be giving Edvard Tagseth “a small amount of compensation for his services”. Given how much Liverpool are worth, and indeed their annual turnover, one could interpret that in any number of ways. They could just be buying him a drink and a sandwich on weekends, or they could be paying him a couple of grand a week. Just what is “a small amount” to a Premier League football club these days?

Is Liverpool’s Future Tied To Edvard Tagseth?

Edvard Tagseth bedroom in Frosta

His home bedroom in Frosta shows he made up his mind

Edvard Tagseth will join Liverpool proper by January 2017 and until then they’ll be keeping an eye on his progress and having him over for the odd spot of training. His earlier stints of this with the team have gone very well, something he himself alludes to in his comments on the matter. “I felt it was the best club for me.” He’s quoted as saying. “I enjoyed myself best there.” Which might not be the best of reasons for choosing a particular company to work for, but he’s only 14 so give the chap a break.

The young man is almost certainly gambling news of his finally signing for Liverpool will bring to an end some of the rather wild press speculation on the matter. Odegaard’s move to Real Madrid (after knocking back Liverpool coincidentally) rather set the ball rolling on this new interest for the press. Future stars are now discussed in almost as much detail as Copa America statistics or who’ll win the Champions League this time round.

“It feels good to finally be done with it and to decide on a club.” Admits the 14 year old Norwegian with an honesty you probably won’t get from a more PR-polished sportsman, as he will be in a few years’ time. He now has a future mapped out for him that, if he decides to take it. A future which will almost certainly include Edvard Tagseth wearing a red jersey in front of thousands of screaming fans as he takes the pitch at Anfield. It also means in a few years’ time the Norwegian national side is going to be something to see indeed.

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