EHF Champions League 2020 Betting Predictions: Which Top Team Will Win It?

  • EHF Champions League final in Cologne 30-31 May
  • Top favorite is record time winner Barcelona
  • PSG, Kiel and Veszprem can fight for the title as well
Mikkel Hansen can help PSG to its first win
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FC Barcelona Lassa are the most successful handball team in Europe, it has already won the EHF Champions League a record 9 times. Last season they finished third, after beating the Polish side Kielce in the third-place game.  According to EHF Champions League 2020 betting predictions, they are one of the favorites to win the tournament this year.  

The Catalan team is in a tough group with PSG, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Aalborg and Pick Szeged, but they are doing great so far with 9 wins. The team has been dominating the Spanish championship, winning it since 2000 every year. And they conquered Europe many times now, though the last time they did it was in the 2014-15 season. In the sports capital of Barcelona, the handball team might be overshadowed by the other teams. Football and basketball are probably more famous,  but no one should underestimate the handball team. This year they might reach the top again, though it’s still a long time to go until the final in Cologne.  

Barcelona is favorite to win in the EHF Champions League 2020 betting predictions

In the EHF Champions League 2020 betting predictions the odds for Barcelona winning its group is only 1.05, in front of  Pick Szeged and PSG. The Catalans are in good form, leading their group but only with one point. Even though they had a bad start and lost their first game against Pick Szeged, they continued confidently. They won all their following games and beat PSG twice now.  So no wonder online sportsbooks in Germany are giving them the smallest odds, 2.75 to win the tournament. If they manage to win their group, they can qualify for the quarterfinals directly. That would mean extra time to prepare and playing two games less, which can be a great advantage. 

EHF Champions League 2020 betting predictions, Final Four, PSG, men handball, Cologne, Champions League, Kiel. Telekom Veszprem, online sportsbooks, online gambling, gamingzion Barcelona will go for the title this season [/Harpagornis [CC BY-SA]

Their biggest rival is French top side Paris Saint-Germain, with the odds of 3.50. The team has been dominating at home for many years as well. But they couldn’t do the same in Europe yet. Even though they reached the final 3 years ago, they lost there against RK Vardar. The French team will try everything this season to reach the Final Four which they missed last season for the first time since 2015. They have players like Nicola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen, who has been voted as the left-back in the coaches all star’s team. 

In their group, they are currently in third place after losing both at home and away against Barcelona, two points behind the group leaders and a point behind Hungarian side MOL-Pick Szeged. It is very tight in the group, and what it makes so special, that most of the players know each other very well. Top players are moving from one club to the other, just like in football. 

 Who can join Barcelona and PSG in the Final 4?

In the other group, the German side Kiel are currently leading with 7 wins, 2 draws and one loss.   With 7.50 odds to win the Champions League, they can be a big threat to Barca and PSG. Kiel have been dominating in Germany, winning the championship a record 20 times. They also have three victories at the Champions League from a couple of years ago. Last season they competed in the second-tier EHF Cup, which they won. Fans and online gambling sites in Germany are hoping to see them in the Final Four in May, so they can play in front of their own supporters. 

The two Hungarian teams, MOL-Pick Szeged and Telekom Veszprem are also planning to get to the Final Four. Their odds for winning the final are 13 and 5.5. Both teams have made some changes in their teams, and after a shaky start, they are on a good run.  Szeged are 2nd in Group A, with only one loss, just like Veszprem in Group B. Probably Veszprem is the stronger team, defeating big rival Szeged most of the time in the national championship. They also have more experience and good results at the Champions League, reaching the finals four times but not winning once. 

Last year’s winner Vardar were one of the favorites before the beginning of the season, even though many of their players have left during the summer. It looks like it had a huge effect on the team, which is only in sixth place in the group. It doesn’t seem likely that they can defend their title, not like Gyori Audi Eto in the Women’s EHF Champions League

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