Elon Musk Betting Odds – Net Worth And Buying Companies


Posted: June 24, 2022

Updated: June 24, 2022

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The Elon Musk betting odds are now available at the best online sportsbook sites in the US. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and Twitter. Therefore, he is the number one entrepreneur of our time. In this article, we are going to present you with the available props and odds. Furthermore, we are going to explain the situation around the bet. Therefore, you will see your prediction if you want to bet but have no idea about the topic.

However, it is important to note that Elon Musk is unpredictable with his business decisions. Because he keeps investing in different companies and projects. Therefore, the movement of his current net worth doesn’t project the expected numbers in a few months. If you are interested in Elon Musk’s career, then check out our other article. Because we explain how Elon Musk became the richest man.

You Can Bet on Elon Musk

It is not new that you can see Elon Musk betting odds appearing in different sportsbooks. For example, sportsbooks have opened Elon Musk’s next girlfriend odds right after his relationship was announced to be over with Grimes. Therefore, having markets such as this is nothing new. However, these are interesting and highly debated topics on the internet.

Elon Musk Betting Odds
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Because Elon Musk is a major troll when it comes to social media. For example, he posted tweets about purchasing Mcdonald’s to fix the ice cream machines. He also tweeted that he would buy CocaCola to return the original recipe with cocaine. These are jokes but his purchasing companies increase the value of those companies. Without further ado, let’s check out what these markets are all about.

Elon Musk Betting Odds – Net Worth

According to CNN, his net worth is 227.7 billion USD at the moment. Therefore, he owns two of the biggest companies on the planet. Furthermore, he is an innovative CEO and Engineer. He is a great entrepreneur who understands business and owning companies. However, unlike other business owners, he is also an engineer. Therefore, he understands both worlds when it comes to his projects.

This means that he can make sure that whatever his vision is, it will be executed without error. Furthermore, his net worth keeps increasing. Because rumors say that he might try to run three world-leading companies at the same time. Therefore, the Elon Musk betting odds about his net worth are the following:

Will Elon Musk Have a Net Worth of Over 300 billion Dollars on January 1, 2023

  • Yes+260
  • No-370

Tesla And Forbes Elon Musk Betting Odds

The Elon Musk betting odds are extending to the Forbes Magazine and the value of Tesla. Therefore, you are not only betting about his business decisions. These are two different markets on the same page. However, you should keep in mind that the current situation might not reflect the near future.

Elon Musk Betting Odds
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Therefore, make sure to always do your research before placing a bet on something such as this. Because despite being a millionaire genius, other entrepreneurs are having their innovative projects running. Therefore, be careful with this one. However, according to Forbes, Elon Musk is their number one real-time millionaire right now.

Tesla (TSLA) Price at Market Close on January 3, 2023

  • Over 658.00 USD+110
  • Under 658.00 USD-145

Who Will Be Ranked #1 On the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List on January 1, 2023?

  • Elon Musk-1200
  • Bernard Arnault+1100
  • Jeff Bezos+650
  • Bill Gates+1400

Elon Musk Betting Odds – Companies to Buy

The biggest Elon Musk betting odds are obviously about the companies he might or might not buy. Therefore, we have three marketing and social media giants up to debate. One of them is Amazon, which is one of the most unlikely things to ever happen. Because the company is the baby of Jeff Bezos and he wouldn’t give it up so easily. Furthermore, Elon Musk might partner with Amazon in future deliveries.

However, owning a company is impossible even in the far future. Furthermore, Facebook is one the questionable companies. Because Elon said they would buy other social media platforms to restore their value. We all know that Facebook has millions of things to restore to its former glory. Furthermore, Instagram is another worthy contender. Connected with Twitter it might become even more popular than TikTok.

The Companies and Their Odds

Elon Musk shocked the world of investors and entrepreneurs when he decided to buy Twitter. Therefore, according to CNBC, he is planning to run more than two major companies. Because owning Instagram would be one of the most innovative decisions.

Therefore, if he manages to connect Twitter, Tesla, and Instagram, then he will become one of the greatest millionaires of all time. Because the potential in new features made available by each other is crazy. The following are the Elon Musk betting odds for companies:

Will Elon Musk Buy Amazon In 2022?

  • Yes+2500
  • No-15000

Will Elon Musk Buy Facebook in 2022?

  • Yes+2500
  • No-15000

Will Elon Musk Buy Instagram in 2022?

  • Yes+2500
  • No-15000

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Markets Available at Bovada

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If you are interested in platforms owned by Elon Musk. Then check out our article that collected a dictionary of the best gambling Twitter accounts. These are all influential gamblers who can teach you how to be successful in the world of sports betting and online casinos.

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