eSport Myths Revealed – Top List Of 8 eSport Myths Busted

  • A top list of the biggest eSport misconceptions.
  • Let’s get eSport myths busted.
  • eSport Myths Revealed
eSport Myths Revealed

There are many myths surrounding the world of eSports. Therefore, we are dedicating this article to having all eSports myths revealed. Because eSports became one of the most mainstream betting markets at the Online sportsbook sites in the US. If you want to try out betting on any eSports, then you should read our other articles.

Because we have collected the best esports to bet on. Furthermore, in this top list, we are going to explain the most common misconceptions about the world of eSports. Therefore, these are going to help you understand the industry as a whole. Without further ado, let’s get eSport myths busted.

1. You Can Be a Pro. – eSport Myths Revealed

According to Dot Esports, every single eSport has its professional players. However, there are many eSport myths revealed. Because one of the most common misconceptions is that anyone can become a pro player. However, the truth is that if you are grinding to become a pro, you will fail. Because true professional players don’t need to grind their way up to the top.

Therefore, if you have been gold tier in League of Legends for your entire life. Then chances are that you will never play in the LCS. Furthermore, even top-tier players are struggling to become professionals. Because these players need to have other skills than just playing well. Therefore, one of the greatest eSport myths is that anyone can become a pro with little practice and devotion.

2. Company Selects the Rosters

The roosters are changing almost every single year. Therefore, many people assume that eSport has changed. We are going to have the biggest eSport myths revealed in this article. Therefore, the next misconception is that companies have taken control over the team members. However, this is not true. Because the companies are only controlling the contract of the player.

eSport Myths Revealed
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Therefore, once the contract is over, a player or the company may decide to keep them or not. Furthermore, the players may request the breaking of the contract. Because sometimes teams are just not working together properly. This is why the team members have a huge role in deciding whether or not to stay at a given team. Because a team is more complex than just the management or the five players.

3. Teams Can’t Afford to Lose – eSport Myths Busted

There are many eSport myths to be revealed. Therefore, there is one thing beginner eSport fans assume wrong. Most people believe that the teams want to win because they cannot afford to lose. This is not true; therefore, you should know that teams are more than often happy to not win a tournament. Because being a world champion comes with great responsibility.

However, losing is often not going to cause you to lose your sponsorship. Therefore, the world champions are not going to get much more money than other teams. However, teams that get to lose regularly at the sixth or seventh place are always doing better. Because they can end the championship before they burn out. One of the best examples is Team Dignitas. Because they were participating in most world championships. However, they were always the worst team.

4. Stadiums Are Full. – eSport Myths Busted By XQC

Earlier this year, a famous streamer “xQc” had the biggest eSport myths. Because he used to be a professional Overwatch player. However, Blizzard banned him for something he hasn’t done. Therefore, no contract keeps him away from having eSport myths revealed. He told his Twitch viewers that the arenas of these eSport events are rarely full.

Because the company sets the cameras up in a way to only show the crowd. However, the truth is that these events are more than often way too empty. Therefore, they are elevating the cameras so live stream viewers won’t see the hundreds of empty seats in the front row.

5. eSport Betting Is Hard. – eSport Myths Revealed

Another common misconception is that eSport betting is hard. Therefore, we are going to help you by having these eSport myths revealed. Because all you need to be successful in these betting markets is to understand the Esports betting lingo.

Therefore, betting on this market is the same as betting on football. However, if you are a true beginner at the topic, then you should go for outright bets. Furthermore, we have a list of the best LOL players to bet on. Because betting on these players is always a secure option for beginners. However, the best advice is to avoid placing bets when the two strongest teams are against each other. 

6. The Host Covers All Finances. – eSport Myths Busted

This is one of the most unfortunate items on the list. Because the host is often not paying for all finances of the teams. Therefore, one of the main eSport myths revealed is that these events are often way too expensive. Therefore, professional teams have to decide whether they can afford to attend a match or not. Because if they are not the best team in the world.

Then they might come home with less than they had. However, these small tournaments are great for strong teams. Because they can easily take the first place and the price that comes with it. However, teams often need to get the assistance of sponsors to afford to attend these tournaments.

7. eSport Players Are Nerds

According to eSports Talk, there are many eSports myths revealed today. One of the main misconceptions is that eSport players are nerds and they have a hard time socializing. This is not true. Because these professional players are all streaming daily. Therefore, they must know how to communicate with viewers to maintain their brand. Furthermore, people with similar interest surrounds them.

Of course, there are some extremely awkward players. For example, Maplestreet is one of the most awkward players out there. However, there are charismatic players in the industry. For example, Bjergsen is a charismatic player in League of Legends. Furthermore, partying too much is a problem. Because teams often kick players out for it. For example, Chaox lost his position in TSM. Because he was hanging out with fangirls instead of practicing.

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8. The Biggest eSport Myths Revealed

Many old sports fans get angry when you mention video games together with your usual basketball or soccer. According to The Gamer, one of the main eSport myths revealed is that this old mindset still exists within the sports community. However, in reality these mental games are accepted as legit sports. For example, playing chess and poker became an Olympic sport.

Therefore, eSport has its categories because every single game is its own sports category. Perhaps, the way Everygame Sportsbook treats eSport is one of the best categorizations. Because you can select eSports separately on the betting sites from other sports.

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