Best LOL Players To Bet On – The Safest Picks for Summer


Posted: June 23, 2022

Updated: June 23, 2022

  • Is Faker still the most successful player?
  • The best lol players in every region
  • Best LOL Players To Bet On

The League of Legends National Championship has begun in every region. Therefore, we have collected the best LOL players to bet on in different leagues and tournaments. Because you can already bet on the LCS, LCK, and the other national tournaments at the online sportsbook sites in South Korea.

However, one player cannot carry a whole team in high leagues. Therefore, you should always make sure to check out every single individual player in a team before betting. You will see familiar names that are a part of our list of the Best LoL Players In 2022. However, this article explains why you should bet on them, and what their winning conditions are.

Best LOL Players To Bet On

There is no question that some of the best league of legends players are the ones you should always bet on. However, these teams are all having weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, as an eSport bettor, your priority is to understand the matchups and the meta. Because if a team is going to pick to counter mid-lane. Then despite being legendary, Faker will not be able to carry the whole team.

However, if you understand the reason behind a certain pick by a player. Then you have an easy way to understand which player is going to be the most valuable in a team. Because you can bet on SKT, but if a team learns how to counter their decisions, then you will lose a lot of money. For example, in 2014 one of the teams locked TSM Dyrus out of performing in the game to win.

Best LOL Players To Bet on in NA

At the moment, the strongest North American team is Team Liquid. Because they have the strongest roster in the whole history of competitive NA League of Legends. Therefore, every time you see them competing against a lesser team, you should bet on their victory. Because they are going to steamroll the competition, and other teams have nearly no chances of winning. Because the current Team Liquid roster consists of the following players:

  • Bwipo
  • Hans Sama – The best NA Marksman
  • CoreJJ
  • Bjergsen – The best NA Midlaner
  • Santorin – The best NA top laner

Furthermore, these players are the best LOL players to bet on. Because they have an insane synergy. This means that it doesn’t matter which one of them is going to be focused on, the rest of the team will always have the best answer to the opponent’s moves.

Should You Still Bet on Faker?

We all know that League of Legends is one of the Best Esports To Bet On. Furthermore, we all know that Faker is the king of the league of legends. He won his team several world championships. Therefore, he is something like the Michale Jordan of esports. However, should you always bet on Faker? According to Inven Global, there are many more options for you to bet on above Faker.

Because he might be the best mid-laner of the whole game. However, he is not going to carry every single game. Players such as Showmaker have proven themselves to have much more consistent success in performance than Faker with his team. In 2022, Faker and his team have been performing exceptionally well. Therefore, this year Faker became one of the best LOL players to bet on again.

The Best EU LOL Players To Bet On 

According to Early Game, G2 is rising to the top of the EU rosters once again. Therefore, the best LOL player to bet on in the European League is G2. Furthermore, it is Caps who is recognized as one of the best players on the team. Because he is known for his genius and outlandish ideas, he always manages to surprise the opponent team, leading his team to victory.

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Therefore, G2 Esports is one of the best teams to bet on when it comes to European competition. Because the team alone is one of the strongest rosters Europe can make. Furthermore, if this team fails something, they have Caps as their wild card to make up for the mistakes these professional players made. Therefore, Caps are the bread and butter of G2.

Honorable Mentions

There are more players on the list of best LOL players to bet on than the people mentioned above. For example, Yutapon of the Japan region is one of the best performing players. Furthermore, you have ShowMaker who keeps proving himself to be the new king after Faker.

Furthermore, North America has exceptionally great players such as Alpari. Whenever he is not facing his former team, you should always wager on markets that include his name. Furthermore, one of the star players featured in the LPL is Rookie of Invictus Gaming. You should never place bets on or against Invictus whenever they are facing one of the top three teams. Because it is nearly impossible to predict which teams are going to win.

Best LOL Players To Bet On

According to Dot Esports, one of the best LOL players to bet on at the moment is the Rascal. Because he performs great even if his team was underwhelming in the least seasons. Therefore, if you see Rascal joining another team, then odds are that you wish to wager on any markets involving his name. You can easily bet on these League of Legends players by visiting Sportsbook.

Because it is one of the best sportsbook sites for the South Korean League of Legends fans. Therefore, if you wish to place bets on matches outside of your region, you can easily do that at MyBookie Sportsbook. Furthermore, you can utilize their bonuses every single day. If you are new at playing eSports or betting on them, then check out our article where we explain How to pick the best esports.

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