2018-19 EuroMillions Basketball League Winner Tips

  • BC Oostende have the best odds to claim their 8th consecutive trophy in the premier Belgian Basketball League
  • Antwerp Giants closely follow with a good chance to claim their first league win
  • Okapi Aalstar and Kangoeroes Mechelen have the least favorable odds to claim this year’s title
2018-19 EuroMillions Basketball League Winner Tips
BC Oostende are the absolute favorites

The 2018-19 EuroMillions Basketball League regular season has just concluded paving the way for 2019 playoffs. Now 8 teams remain and will battle it out for this year’s bragging rights. The EuroMillions Basketball League winner say BC Oostende will continue their title winning streak. However, Antwerp might just step up to the plate and end BC Oostende’s dominance in the top Belgium Basketball League.

The 2018-19 EuroMillions Basketball League began last year on 5 October however, the dates for the final are yet to determined. These some of the EuroMillions Basketball League teams odds of claiming this year’s trophy. They’ve all qualified for the quarterfinals and these are how their chances of lifting the 2019 EuroMillions title stand on Unibet Sportsbook:

BC Oostende 1.80
Antwerp Giants 2.80
Spirou Basket 4.50
Okapi Aalstar 61.00
Kangoeroes Mechelen 201.00

BC Oostende to continue their EuroMillions Basketball reign by claiming 10th consecutive title

The EuroMillions Basketball League winner tips point to BC Oostende as the 2019 Belgium basketball champions. They currently have the best odds to claim this year’s EuroMillions title with odds at 1.80 on Unibet Sportsbook. The 9 time champions since 2005 comfortably secured a spot for the 2019 playoff with 65 points having won 29/36 games.

Despite finishing second behind Antwerp Giants Giants Giants, BC Oostende finished the regular season strong winning all their last 5 games. They will continue they strong run of games in the playoffs and hopefully claim a spot in the final. 

Fortunately, their favorable odds on the online sportsbook sites in Belgium will make a league win inevitable. They won’t have trouble advancing to the semi finals as the play against Kangoeroes Mechelen in the quarterfinals.

Antwerp Giants could be the team to end BC Oostende’s unbeaten run

This year’s regular season winners Antwerp Giants also have good odds at 2.80 to claim this year’s top Belgian basketball title. Unfortunately, Antwerp Giants don’t have the best finals record with 1 appearance and no win. This is small in comparison to BC Oostende who have won all 9 of their finals since the 2004-05 season. However, the EuroMillions Basketball League winner tips say that Antwerp Giants Giants have what it takes to upset the title favorites.

According to the online sportsbook news in Belgium, Antwerp Giants almost ended BC Oostende’s immaculate run at the 2017 EuroMillions final. Antwerp Giants felt that they could achieve what the 2016 finalists Excelsior Brussels failed to do by beating BC Oostende at their own game. However, their were defeated by BC Oostende 3 series to 0. Fortunately with promising odds on Unibet Sportsbook, not only can they repeat the 2018 final, but they can come out victorious.

Spirou Basket could go back to their winning ways by claiming this year’s EuroMillions trophy

Spirou Basket are on of the 3 team that have claimed league wins since the league underwent changes in 2004-05. They were consecutive champions from 2008 to 2011 and, runners up in 2012. Fortunately, Spirou Basket stand a good chance of ending their trophy less run with odds at 4.50 on Unibet Sportsbook.

However, according to the EuroMillions basketball winner tips, the club’s form in their last 3 games might raise some concerns. Spirou Basket didn’t end the 2018-19 season on a high note as they lost their last 2 games. If Spirou Basket fail to regroup before the playoffs, then they might have to say goodbye to the 2019 title.

Nevertheless, they still managed to finish in third spot with 60 points behind front runners Antwerp Giants and BC Oostende. As a result, Spirou Basket won’t face a tough opponent in the quarter finals. The club will most likely beat Limburg United to advance to the semi finals. 

Okapi Aalstar stand a small chance on Unibet Sportsbook to be this year’s champions

Unfortunately, Okapi Aalstar don’t have odds that favor their 2019 EuroMillions Basketball League title aspirations. Since 2005, the club have lost all 3 of their appearances in the league finals. They were last runners up in the 2014-15 season after losing the series 3-1 against BC Oostende.

However, with odds at 61.00 on Unibet Sportsbook, qualifying for this year’s final looks unlikely. To know more about the bookmakers where you can bet on Okapi Aalstar, be sure to read about Unibet Sportsbook. Unfortunately, having finished the regular season in 7th place, Okapi Aalstar will face tough opponents BC Oostende in the quarter finals.

Okapi Aalstar will be a risky club to bet on according to The EuroMillions Basketball League winner tips. It’s likely that Okapi Aalstar will fail to advance to the semi as the play BC Oostende in the quarterfinals. Even if Okapi Aalstar beat BC Oostende, it’s still doubtful that they will defy their odds and be this year’s league champions.

Kangoeroes Mechelen won’t defy their odds to win this year’s league according the EuroMillions Basketball League winner tips

The basketball club currently have the worst odds of winning the 2019 EuroMillions Basketball League on Unibet Sportsbook. Despite clinching the last playoff spot in the regular season, Kangoeroes Mechelen (201.00) are expected to struggle in the quarterfinals. They had a rocky performance throughout the 2018-19 regular season having lost 24/36 matches gaining a mere 48 points.

Additionally, they lost 4 of their last 5 games, a record that doesn’t back up their 2019 title hopes. To add to their woes, Kangoeroes Mechelen will also play against the league favorites Antwerp Giants in the quarter finals. They suffered from heavy defeats both home and away against strong title hopefuls Antwerp Giants. This makes their overall title hopes and hopes of advancing past the quarterfinals highly unlikely.

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