Everything About Teaser Betting Explained

  • Which type of sports bets is called a teaser?
  • Learn how to place teaser bets at sportsbooks
teaser betting explained

What are teaser bets? How do they work at online sportsbooks? In our ultimate guide for beginner bettors, you will find everything about teaser betting explained.

We have recently listed all the popular types of bets that exist. Teaser bets didn’t enter the list, so we are going to talk about them in this article. As quite a widespread bet type, teasers are worth every punter’s attention. So, what are teaser bets, and how to place them at popular online sportsbook sites?

Teaser betting explained

First of all, one should understand what teasers are. In gambling, teasers are sports bets that are made by selecting more than one event to occur. Roughly speaking, they are very similar to parlay: their consent is also built on choosing from two or more markets. You can read more about parlay betting here.

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Like parlay bets, teasers bring you some profit only if all events are winning. If at least one selection loses, the whole bet loses too. However, what is the difference between these two bet types in this case? Parlay bets pay out more but are more difficult to win. At the same time, teasers allow alerting point spreads and over/under totals between 4 and 10 points at online sportsbooks in Russia. Such a change is the factor that makes teasers easier to win.

teaser betting explained
Let’s bet!

How to place a teaser bet on football – examples 

To have teaser betting explained to the full, take a look at the examples. To understand it better, check a six-point teaser bet (TB) on football compared to the original.

Let’s suppose that the original bet on a random football match looked like this at online gambling sites in Russia

  • Lokomotiv +3 (-110) at Dinamo Moscow 
  • Spartak Moscow +3 (even) at Zenit

A two-team 6-point TB on dark horses would affect the point spread like this:

  • Lokomotiv +9 at Dinamo Moscow 
  • Spartak Moscow +9 at Zenit

Then, here comes a two-team 6-point TB on the favorites:

  • Lokomotiv at Dinamo Moscow +3
  • Spartak Moscow at Zenit +3

Placing a teaser bet at Bwin or any other sportsbook is easy. All you have to do is select the clubs and totals, choose tease betting and decide about points to tease. For a wager like mentioned above, you will get around $8.40 for a $10 6-point teaser bet. However, the final sum depends on the game type and a betting site you use to wager on games.

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