F1 Betting On An Ugly Halo Pays Off For Charles Leclerc

The F1 betting bonanza continues this weekend as the circus moves on to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix where Ferrari will be expected to win, Mercedes will need to bounce back and Red Bull will be snapping at their heels the whole way, so just which of the teams and drivers should you be backing at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Italy at present? We take a look......if we can see over the ugly halo that everyone dislikes, well, everyone except Charles Leclerc I suppose.

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc (source: Twitter)
  • Did the halo save Charles Leclerc’s life in the Belgian Grand Prix?
  • Could Kimi Raikkonen beat those 9/2 odds win at Monza on Sunday?
  • Are Red Bull out of the F1 betting zone due to grid penalties in Italy?
  • Who will win the 2018 Formula One championship, Lewis or Vettel?
Nico Hulkenberg
Nico Hulkenberg

Following a summer holiday filled with more drama than you’d get if you held your Stag Night in Tehran the Formula One circus returned to the track in Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix and almost instantly reminded us all why we’d missed it so much. Technically Nico Hulkenberg missed his breaking point going into turn one, but more basically he rammed the back of Alonso at full speed sending the McLaren flying and left most people watching F1 betting someone wasn’t going to walk away.

Of course Hulkenberg and Alonso were both fine and so was Charles Leclerc who probably wouldn’t have been had it not been for the controversial and ugly halo the FIA insisted F1 accept. There were many among the F1 betting fraternity who didn’t like the halo, and said so, however given it obviously stopped Charlie getting a face full of McLaren in Spa it’ll be hard to argue against it’s retention now and if you regularly bet on sports in Italy you’ll just have to get used to it being a feature of Formula 1*.

The Halo Is Here To Stay And For Good Reason

Lewis Hamilton
All eyes on Hamilton in Monza

Once the race had been restarted and there were a few seconds where it looked like Force India might challenge for the lead things settled down again in Spa and Sebastian Vettel drove off into the distance with Hamilton unable to respond. The Ferrari pulled away from the Mercedes and that was all she wrote. The F1 betting bonanza receiving a boost from the German’s win cutting the championship lead down to just 27 points and making everyone wonder if slowly but surely Mercedes would wane.

Monza will mostly centre around Lewis Hamilton

Naturally at Monza there is huge pressure on both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen to perform well, the home race of Ferrari and where there will be a lot of Italians gambling news on Monday will be of a blood red winning car, this is no time for half measures. Worse still for the Silver Arrows Mercedes know if they don’t get back ahead soon this championship could ease out of their grip. Not that there is anyone in F1 betting they’ll go down without a fight, Mercedes are always tenacious.

Do All Your F1 Betting At Unibet

Tenacity is something Red Bull will need in Monza, especially after taking grid penalties for getting that new Renault power plant, but the bookies like Unibet don’t think much of their chances with Ricciardo out at 40/1 to win and Max Verstappen perhaps unfairly treated at 16/1 given his performance in Spa. Valtteri Bottas gets a 10/1 chance at the bookies but if you’re doing a spot of F1 betting you might just want to risk a little on Kimi Raikkonen at 9/2 surprising everyone on Sunday.

Of course F1 betting on the race in Monza will mostly centre around Lewis Hamilton, a 2/1 shot at Unibet, and Sebastian Vettel who garners favorite status at 22/25, and indeed so will wagers on the championship where the German now gets 19/20 to win the season and Hamilton gets just 3 /4 to hang onto his current lead, mostly because of that result in Spa. Does that mean you should take advantage of Italian gambling laws and back the Ferrari driver to be champion? Yes, actually it probably does.

* – Until someone burns to death in their seat because the halo prevented them getting out of the car.

Italian Grand Prix Betting Odds

# Name Odds
1. Anyone Else 750/1+
2. Daniel Ricciardo 40/1
3. Max Verstappen 16/1
4. Valtteri Bottas 10/1
5. Kimi Raikkonen 9/2
6. Lewis Hamilton 2/1
7. Sebastian Vettel 22/25

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