F1 Team Williams Will Bet On Sergey Sirotkin But Will You?

Bet on Sergey Sirotkin

With the new season just months away the teams in Formula One are scrambling to put the lessons and data from winter testing regimes to good use in time, and that means changes of personnel. This is particularly true at Williams the British F1 veterans who will bet on Sergey Sirotkin over Robert Kubica this year, the question is should you back the young Russian at BetVictor or is he destined to face as hard a time as his compatriot Daniil Kvyat? We take a look.

  • Can the 22 year old Russian do better than Kvyat?
  • Will Williams regret giving their second seat to another inexperienced driver?
  • Would Robert Kubica have been a better bet for Williams?
  • Could Sergey Sirotkin surprise everyone in his debut season?

Known for being a bit of an unguided missile on the track Daniil Kvyat had a bit of a rough time in F1 being nicknamed “The Torpedo” by Sebastian Vettel and failing to live up to some of his early promise, but whilst he’s been shunted sideways into a development role at Ferrari (no bad gig if you can get it, but tending towards driving around a track blissfully free of other cars to smack into) the Williams team look set to bet on Sergey Sirotkin to be able to fill the seat and shoes of the now retired Massa.

The 22 year old from Moscow will be driving alongside Lance Stroll in the Mercedes powered FW41 for Williams and if you like to bet on sports in the UK you should be able to grab some pretty spectacular odds on either one coming home in a podium position, that said I’d not bet on Sergey Sirotkin to be quite the thoughtless blunderer that Kvyat so often seemed, and nor would I necessarily suggest Williams will be swift in being rid of him if he is. Sirotkin comes with some baggage. Possibly full of used fivers.

Will Sirotkin Be Another Russian Torpedo?

Obviously Williams will point to his experience, despite his youthful age, in F2 and F3, in the Renault 3.5 Series, the Auto GP World Series and Formula Abarth, however it is hard to overlook that his father is the well known former head of the NIAT, National Institute Of Aviation Technologies, and rather well heeled. You can bet on Sergey Sirotkin to have access to a budget that perhaps Williams will be disinclined to so easily throw off should he be unable to live up to some of the promise he’s shown.

Testing in Abu Dhabi at the end of last season set the seal on Williams preferring him over Kubica, but this now means Williams are entrusting their season to two of the youngest and most inexperienced drivers out on track, and whilst you can bet on Sergey Sirotkin to take his time settling in, Lance Stroll will have noticed how easy it is to be replaced and I’d not be alone in the UK gambling news of Sirotkin’s arrival will galvanize the 19 year old Canadian to make that all important extra effort.

Bet On Sergey Sirotkin At BetVictor Soon

Naturally neither one is really in the running for a championship win, Formula One is a sport of degrees and drama, not fairytales, and the usual suspects will be battling it out ahead of these two youngsters to see who’ll take the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship title. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will doubtless resume their duel, harried all the way by Red Bull, and if there’s someone to watch this season it’s Max Verstappen who’ll want to put the nightmare of 2017 behind him.

Now no one in their right mind is going to advise you to bet on Sergey Sirotkin to win the F1 title in his first year, and if you insist on placing a wager on the championship Max at 4/1 would be a great little wager, although you’re likely to have more joy with Vettel at 10/3 and Hamilton at 5/4, and if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to wager on the romper-suited rich boys and their souped up go-karts I’d certainly not suggest betting on any but those three to take the title at the season’s close.

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