World Cup Betting Provides Something For Everyone

World Cup Betting Provides Something For Everyone

The dire predictions of trouble off the pitch will probably ring hollow, the weather is likely to be delightful and the football some of the best you’ll get ever to see, all in all the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer is shaping up to be a cracking competition, and to add a frisson of excitement there are a whole range of World Cup betting opportunities available at online bookmakers like BetVictor, so let’s take a look at some of what’s on offer.

  • Could Saudi Arabia overcome 10/1 odds to upset the hosts in the first game of the 2018 World Cup?
  • Can Tunisia defy the 9/1 odds they have of beating England when the teams meet?
  • Is Jamie Vardy as England’s top scorer a tempting 12/1 piece of World Cup betting?
  • Should you back Alexandr Kokorin or Fyodor Smolov to be Russia’s top goal getter this summer?

Like the Summer and Winter Olympics the World Cup is often heralded by the media as being but moments away from utter disaster right up until it becomes massively obvious to everyone that it’s all fine really. South Africa was supposed to see blood in the streets, but just had Vuvuzelas, and Brazil was meant to be a running Favela-based gun battle but wasn’t, and you can pretty much watch the Russia World Cup betting all the predictions of hooliganism will turn out to be completely unfounded.

Sure, there will still be the odd punch up in the streets, but you can expect the battalion sized battles some are predicting to be wholly absent, and whilst there might be the odd picture of a wild bear stalking the hotel corridor, or a particularly ill-thought out piece of construction work, but all in all this will be yet another successful festival of the globe’s most popular sport and if your national side qualified it would be churlish not to take advantage of Russian gambling laws and do some World Cup betting.

Can Russia And England Overcome Easy Early Opponents?

Naturally the luck you’ll have with World Cup betting of this nature rather depends where you live, those in Brazil or Germany may have no qualms backing their own side, each having a very good shot at the 2018 World Cup, however if one say, lives in England or Russia there could be slight reservations. The latter have not been on the best form of late, and the former only play football to break the hearts of English fans when they inevitably lose on penalties to a side we should have beaten.

Russia are only 3/1 to reach the Quarter Finals (The English just 11/4 to achieve the same feat) and they should overcome their first opponents Saudi Arabia in the opening match without too much fuss. The Saudis only get a 10/1 chance of winning that match, only marginally better than the 9/1 BetVictor give on Tunisia beating England in their first match. Russian gambling news headlines will explode if the hosts don’t win that game, an embarrassing upset, but for World Cup betting in Saudi it’ll be glorious.

Do All Your World Cup Betting At BetVictor This Summer

Obviously Russia will be counting on their strike force of Aleksandr Kokorin and Fyodor Smolov, Aleksandr Bukharov and Alan Dzagoev, each of which is in the running to the top scorer for their nation. Kokorin getting a very tempting 3/1 to get the most goals for the host side, and Smolov on just 5/1 to do the same. If you want some slightly more detailed orientated World Cup betting opportunities this could well be the one for you. Well, if you don’t fancy Harry Kane at 6/4 to be England’s top scorer.

If you like to bet on sports in Russia there really won’t be anything to rival the World Cup this summer, and doing a spot of World Cup betting, be it on the nation of your choice to be victorious (overall or just in their next game) or on individual players to score more than their team mates, this will be an unforgettable chance to watch some great football, increase your bank roll and once again be amazed that a large event that cost billions actually wasn’t as much of a disaster as everyone claimed it would be.

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