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FBI Looking For Casino Robber

One of the most famous titles in today’s casino news: is the FBI looking for a casino robber. Local authorities are looking for the man who robbed the Sandia Resort and Casino. The crime was committed on Friday Night, at 9:15 PM. July 2nd, 2022. The man was wearing a blue face mask, a dark blue cap, and jeans. Therefore, the security camera caught the disguised man. However, it is hard to identify the person.

Because he was fully covered by dark layers of clothes. Any leading information rewards the reporter with $2000. Furthermore, he had a weapon in his hand. If you wish to keep your money and person safe. Then we recommend you play at online gambling sites in the US instead. When visiting a retail casino, you should always stay alert when someone with a mask enters.

Short Summary

The FBI is looking for a casino robber in Sandia, New Mexico. He robbed the Sandia Resort and Casino at 9:15 PM. Therefore, the surveillance camera caught his clothes. However, the identity is unreadable by the footage. Therefore, he is a white male in his thirties.

FBI Looking For Casino Robber
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Furthermore, he was wearing dark gray clothes and a blue face mask. Because he claimed to have a gun. However, there was no weapon on the footage. Furthermore, the FBI and Sandia Police Department offer $2000 for anyone who helps find the criminal. Therefore, if you assist the police with valuable information. Then you will receive a handsome amount of money. Furthermore, if you wish to avoid getting involved, then you should play at Casino instead.

FBI Looking For Casino Robber

The FBI is looking for a casino robber who has a gun, wearing blue clothes. Therefore, we have a clear picture of the disguise he was wearing. Furthermore, the robbery was quick and smooth. He was threatening with a gun. Therefore, the cashier gave him the money. Then he left the scene shortly after receiving an undisclosed amount of money. Furthermore, he did not wear gloves.

Therefore, his handprints maybe somewhere on the crime scene. However, there are hundreds of people regulating the casino. Therefore, the lack of gloves might be irrelevant. If you are interested in the case, then check out our list of the most famous casino heists. Because this event happened recently. However, it is nothing compared to these real crime stories. 

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The Description of the Crime

According to KRQE, the FBI looking for casino robbers would reward information with a large sum of money. Therefore, if you know anything about the case, you should contact the Sandia Police Department. The crime happened at 9.15 PM in New Mexico. The man entered the building in dark gray clothes and a blue face mask. However, the footage reveals no weapon. Therefore, he told the casino staff that he has a gun.

Answering the threats of the man, they paid him an undisclosed amount of money. Therefore, he left the building shortly after he received the money. The method of leaving the crime scene is undisclosed. However, he was faster than the police. Check out the story of the cop arrested at a casino robbery. Because sometimes these heists are more complicated.

Suspect Description – FBI Looking for Casino Robber

The man got away with the money received. Therefore, the FBI is still looking for him. Furthermore, you may give valuable information to the local police department. There is a clear description of the man the FBI is looking for. Because the casino robber was in his thirties.

FBI Looking For Casino Robber
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Furthermore, he is a white male with a height of 6’4. Furthermore, he weighs around 190 pounds. According to ABQ Raw, the description of the robber is the following:

Sex: Male

Race: White

Age: 30s

Height: 6′ to 6’4″

Weight: 180-210 pounds

Clothing: Dark gray hooded sweatshirt, blue surgical mask over a blue gaiter that covered the head, black baseball cap, blue jeans, black tennis shoes.

Other: The suspect carried a dark backpack with a strap that went over his right shoulder.

FBI Looking for Casino Robber with Reward

The FBI is looking for a casino robber with a reward. Because the person is hard to identify due to the concealing clothes. Therefore, according to ABQ Journal, anyone who gives valuable information is rewarded $2000. However, the information must be accurate. Furthermore, it needs to assist the crime. Therefore, the FBI is not paying money for fabricated information. However, there is little to know about the man. Because New Mexico is a large country and there are hundreds of people around the casino. Therefore, surveillance cameras did not catch the path he traveled. Furthermore, the footage taping the man hardly describes anything about his person.

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In a conclusion to the news about the FBI looking for a casino robber. It’s important to note that these crimes are damaging the casino. Because the casino owes you money, then they are stealing your money. Furthermore, it risks injuries related to gun shooting. Therefore, we recommend you switch over to a safe online casino. Because blockchain technology prevents data corruption.

Therefore, your money is safe on these websites. Furthermore, playing on your phone is safer than retail casinos. Therefore, the safest online casino is Casino. If you are interested in crime stories, then check out the best casino robbery movies. Stay on alert in the casinos of New Mexico. Because sometimes criminals will return to another casino for more money. Furthermore, they might return to the same casino.

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