Filipino Police Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling

24 of out 50 police officers failed to file a report on their anti illegal gambling activity.

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According to online gaming news in Philippines, police forces in the Cebu province will have to file detailed reports about their actions against the illegal gambling in two days.

The director of Cebu Provincial police office, Patrocinio Comendador, had given the 24 police chiefs just 48 hours to explain why and how they failed to implement the Filipino gambling laws against illegal gaming operations in their respective districts.

The director had earlier requested the local police chiefs to submit a weekly report on their actions and accomplishments against illegal gambling. Out of the 44 towns and six component cities in Cebu province, only 26 managed to file some kind of paper that resembled an official report.

The eight-day long operation carried out in the 26 districts marked the start of what police director Comendador called an intensified campaign against illegal gambling.

The Director claimed he has the list of the financiers of the illegal numbers game in the Philippines, adding that the authorities are waiting for the right moment to raid and arrest them.

The Philippines is hit by big-scale illegal numbers game racket. The police has been trying to chase down runners and bettors. There were 39 arrests made and evidence was gathered.

Comendador stated the remaining 24 police chiefs had to submit their explanations within 48 hours. Those who fail to give a proper explanation will face charges from simple neglect of duty to grave neglect of duty, entailing up to 30 days suspension.

Some of the excuses to Comendador included “having difficulties conducting operations because intelligence operatives would join the night watch patrol activity.”

However, all the duty neglecting police officers assured that they would comply with the existing reporting directive this week, promising that they would file their accomplishment until the given deadline.

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