The First Look at the Six Nations 2019 Betting Odds

Rugby’s anticipated tournament is back with a passion but the Rugby World Cup will leave England and Ireland reserved. The Six Nations 2019 betting odds allow you to take full advantage of circumstance when we look to Wales to win.

Six Nations Odds
2019 Six Nations Odds

It began as a competition for the four home countries but evolved into the tournament we know today with the addition of France and Italy. There is never a dull moment in the Six Nations, especially for a keen gambler facing odds like none other.

The big three

The three names dominating the last seven years of the six nations are all of impeccable standard. Although the odds point towards an Irish win (2.10), the bias lies solely in their 2018 success. Only having won the Six Nations four times it seems ambitious to put Ireland on such a pedestal.

Online sportsbook reviews site in the United Kingdom predict a bet on Wales for the 2019 Six Nations to be the most profitable (8.50) . England (2.87) will be focusing their energies on the World Cup thus hindering their performance in the Six Nations. Wales are overdue a win and with a recent team switch up, the opportunity presented for exciting new players will shake the very foundations of the tournament.

The blues

Scotland and France are great teams to watch, but when it comes to betting on the Six Nations, your money is better placed back in your wallet. Neither team is of the standard they once were and, whilst providing great entertainment, are best reserved for patriotic wagers.

Wooden spoon

When an opportunity comes to bet on a renowned international team with odds at 1001 even a small bet becomes tempting. Although these odds are in place for the reason of Italy’s consistently questionable performance, there is always the chance of one euro turning into a thousand.

Six Nations Betting Odds 2019

A bet on Wales is security with reward. Bet365 Sportsbook are offering ludicrous odds of 8.50 for a Welsh victory. This is surely their year, with new players, new energies and new determination. Moreover, the stakes are by far the most tantalizing of the 2019 Six Nations betting odds.

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