Football Betting Preview – Friendly Matches (March 31 – Part II)

International Friendly Matches

Plenty more games are set to be played on Tuesday as part of the thrilling friendly international encounters.

Some fans were disappointed that their favorite clubs didn’t see any action last weekend, however the good news was that they were replaced by friendly matches all over the globe. These games continued throughout the beginning of the week, which saw many punters being overjoyed as they scooped impressive rewards by their lucrative betting pursuits.

Kazakhstan are no match for Russia
Sweden strong favorites against Iran
Latvia will play against Ukraine away from home

will go head to head with Switzerland away from home where they will experience a tough game against a promising side filled with great potential. Kazakhstan will play against Russia on the road, however the latter nation boast a far better team, according to EU gambling news. Sweden will host Iran, while Ukraine will play Latvia at home where they will be looking for an easy win.

Switzerland vs USA and Russia vs Kazakhstan

During the World Cup in Brazil last year, Switzerland were pretty impressive for a team with their abilities. They faced the likes of France, Ecuador and Honduras in Group E, from which they managed to clinch 6 points and therefore qualify for the next round. Unfortunately for them, they hit a hard wall against Argentina in the round of 16 and got eliminated from the tournament. So it makes sense that Bet365 has decided to award them favorite status 1.83 (5/6) against USA.

Switzerland vs USA

The Americans were also among the promising sides at the competition. In Group G they faced Portugal, Ghana and Germany, the nation that would go on to win the World Cup. In the group stage they clinched 4 points which qualified them for the next round, where they lost in a great battle against a powerful Belgian side 2:1. Their odds to win the match against Switzerland are slim 4.20 (16/5), with a draw being 3.50 (5/2), an event that is also not likely.

Russia will host Kazakhstan on Tuesday at 19:00 CET, and looking at the group of players present within their squad they are very likely to win the match. Mobile betting sites have given them highly favorable odds 1.17 (1/6) as they will be the hosts and also because they boast some promising talents. They are currently ranked 33rd on the rankings with 788 points, with the USA finding themselves 1 spot ahead of them with 828 points.

Russia vs Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan are located all the way down in in 138th position claiming only 199 points. The likes of Luxembourg (136) and Afghanistan (137) sit above them boasting an overall of 209 and 203 points. It is fair to day that they are complete outsiders for the upcoming encounter, with their chances being unlikely 15.00 (14/1). In case they get lucky they might be able to clinch a draw, for which the odds are 7.00 (6/1).

Sweden vs Iran and Ukraine vs Latvia

Sweden is gearing up to face Iran at home on Tuesday evening scheduled for 19:30 CET. As they will be the hosts for the match, online betting providers were keen to give them preferential chances 1.62 (5/8). They also possess some truly talented players among their ranks, including the powerful striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic which will be looking to increase his goal tally for his country.

Sweden vs Iran

Unlike the Scandinavian nation, their upcoming opponents Iran managed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil last year. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to express themselves in a group that features Argentina, the country that finished second in the tournament. They finished last with only 1 point, however they represented their nation at the highest level. For the next game against Sweden their odds are 5.50 (49/10), with a tie between them being 3.75 (29/11).

Ukraine have just recently played against Spain in Group C in the qualifiers for the EURO 2016 being held in France. Unfortunately for them they lost the match away from home 0:1 in front of the Spanish home support and now they sit in 3rd place with 9 points to their name. The Spaniards on the other hand hold second spot with 12 points in total. Luckily for the Ukrainians, they will next square off against Latvia at home, a side that doesn’t boast very promising players.

Ukraine vs Latvia

Online sportsbooks in EU have identified the hosts as the clear favorites for the game 1.33 (1/3), whereas a draw between them stands at a high 4.75 (15/4). The Latvians currently sit in 95th position on the FIFA World Rankings with an overall of 361 points. A victory for them is quite unlikely 10.00 (9/1) given their lack of experience at the highest level. This encounter should see Ukraine capture an easy win.

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