Football Scout Series: Meet the Best Young Talent in Uruguay

Uruguay Football Youngster

Meet Fede Valverde, who is regarded as the best young talent in Uruguay’s football scene!

Online sportsbook news sites in Uruguay didn’t have much to write about ever since Diego Forlán and Luis Suarez. However, it seems like the next big Uruguayan football star is coming soon. Have you heard of the best young talent in Uruguay already? Let us tell you a bit more about Fede Valverde!

Fede Valverde belongs to Real Madrid, but he only played for Real Madrid Castilla so far. The best young talent in Uruguay has just been loaned out to Deportivo La Coruna. football scouts predit a bright future for the young Uruguayan football talent, but why is that? Is he really that talented? Let’s learn a bit more about his strongest points!

What should you know about Fede Valverde?

Federico Valverde is a 19-year old central midfielder. The best young talent in Uruguay kicked off his professional career at Penarol in 2014, and in 2 years, he moved on to join Real Madrid. His development seems to be going pretty well as he will participate in La Liga from this season.

In addition, the talented Uruguayan football youngster has already debuted for the national team. It happened only a few days ago, when Uruguay played against Paraguay in a World Cup Qualifier. Valverde scored the first goal on his first national match. And his team won 1-2, so his debuting game went on pretty well.

Will Valverde become a threat to current Real Madrid stars?

Should you join online sportsbook sites in Uruguay and bet on Valverde to become the next football star at Real Madrid in the near future? Maybe. He really does have a lot that is needed for a player to become really big. And he is still only 19 years old. And many other things seem to be in favour of the best young talent in Uruguay.

First of all, it’s of course about his own talent. Second of all, he seems to be at the perfect place. Real Madrid used to be known for their unclever purchases for the biggest stars. However, with Zidane at the helm, they seems to be changing. To be improving. The Royal Club has been discovering many great talents lately.

Federico Valverde could easily become the next of those. The best young talent in Uruguay has everything in him to join Real’s outstanding list of Varane, Carvajal, Isco, Asensio and the others. Especially that Modric is 32-years-old now, and he will need to be replaced soon.

What do you think, will it be Federico Valverde, the best Uruguayan football talent, to replace Real Madrid’s Croatian legend? Feel free to check out the offers in the online sportsbook directory and bet on the best young talent in Uruguay, Fede Valverde, to become the next Golden Ball winner Real Madrid player!

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