Foreign gambling sites in Russia: blocked!

Russian gambling not liberal

The Russian Government sends clear signals: paying to foreign gambling sites in Russia will be actively prevented.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation made it official that during past Friday they have issued a draft of a new law whose aim will be to prevent any kind of transactions from the country to foreign online gambling sites. This decision comes just two months after Fonbet, the Russian sixth licensed online gambling operator, announced their new platform. It is more than clear, claim various gambling news, what the purpose of this law is.

Russian gambling money should not leave Russia

The Russian news website, has announced that the proposed legislation, which will be in detail discussed today, sets out regulations that would require banks and payment processors to block transactions between punters in the country and international gambling sites.

In case the bill passes, the Federal Task Service would make a blacklist of Russian and international gambling sites as well as of individuals that took action in illegal online gaming activities. The list with these subjects, as online gambling sites in Russia report, will afterwards be sent to financial institutions in the country, which would be authorize in future to block their transactions whenever they aim leaving the country.

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