Formula E Betting Begins In The Hong Kong Harbour This Weekend

Formula racing in Hong Kong

Whilst the snooze-fest that is Formula One was briefly interrupted by Hamilton’s engine exploding and the Budgie Nine getting arrested at the Malaysian Grand Prix, the predictability of Mercedes dominance is really quite dreary, and for those with an eye to the future of motorsport there is now a better alternative as, for the third year, Formula E, the all electric championship, gets underway in Hong Kong this weekend. But will Formula E betting be any more open than F1 wagers?

The Formula E Championship has come a long way in a short time. Just three years into this brand new incarnation of motorsport, some would say the future of it, and already many of the wrinkles have been ironed out, if not from the circuit surfaces then certainly from the perspective of the racing. The organizers of Formula E betting this year that an increase in battery allowance will mesh with a reduction in car weight to produce some interesting driving.

Formula E Championship

  • Buemi – 6/4
  • Vergne – 4/1
  • Di Grassi – 5/1
  • Prost – 6/1
  • Bird – 10/1

The new tyres by Michelin are going to be interesting for the first few races as the drivers get used to them and regeneration permit bumps up a whole 50%, and the results of that will be obvious in a sport that sounds like Scalextric, is broadcast like Mario Kart and takes place in the middle of some of the most famous cities in the world. If you like to bet on sports in Hong Kong perhaps Formula E betting at Bet365 will be for you this weekend. The new Harbourfront track has an amazing backdrop.

Formula E Betting Odds Favor Champion Buemi

The other cities on this season’s roster are just as glorious. Able to go where no other race cars can manage these futuristic racers will speed through the heart of Paris, zip around the center of Berlin and even compete wheel to wheel on the streets of New York in Brooklyn. Formula E cars meet emissions standards other vehicles could only dream of, and can be raced up close to vast markets that leave the bosses of Formula E betting a new generation of fans can be born out of these new events.

Buemi racing in 2016

Sebastien Buemi is the betting favorite to win at Hong Kong according to Bet365 (photo:

From Morocco to Montreal, Buenos Aires to Brussels, Monaco to Mexico City, it would seem everyone wants to get in on the act and the government was very cordial when the teams arrived for the first race of the season indicating legislators in Hong Kong gambling laws concerning prestige and television going hand in hand will hold particularly true when meshed with the politically-very-attractive green credentials and hi-tech image Formula E exudes. But what of the Formula E betting itself?

The Future Of Motorsport Doesn’t Belong To Mercedes

Formula One odds might be winding down as Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton slug it out through the last few races like drunks on an Indian poker site, but Formula E betting is just getting started so there are some great odds available at Bet365 and its ilk if you’re willing to pick a driver now and stick with them throughout the whole length of the 12 race season. But who is actually in the running to take the title this year when the fastest lap is only rewarded with half the points that last season’s fastest car gained from the effort?

Formula E 2016-17

  • Jaguar and BMW enter sport
  • Brooklyn street race scheduled
  • Maro Engel joins Venturi
  • Vergne moves to Techettah

Thus far the smart money one the Bet365 sort of site is on Sebastien Buemi, last year’s narrow squeak of a winner, and you can find 6/4 on the 27 year old Swiss, whilst Jean-Eric Vergne gets just 4/1. Lucas Di Grassi is a superbly priced 5/1 and perhaps most tempting of all Sam Bird sits at 10/1 behind Nicolas Prost at 6/1, which might make for a fabulous piece of Formula E betting, even if only each-way, and for the eternal romantics Nelson Piquet should be left alone in Hong Kong gambling news on Monday will be of his surprise championship lead, however unlikely.

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