Formula One is Dressing Up in Monaco

VIP box at Monaco GP 2015

Formula One is about the competitive atmosphere and the beautiful cars. It is also, however, about showing off some haute couture.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come and gone: the Monaco Grand Prix finished over the weekend. And it was trendier than ever. But, when you go to a place like the Côte d’Azur, elegance and style are prerequisites. The rich, famous and the ultra-mega-rich flock into the principality to stay in the best hotels and be a part of something special. And if they have to show off a bit in the process, so be it. Formula One benefits greatly from the Monaco circuit; Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of the Formula One Group, said the following to the Telegraph, “Monaco does more for us than we do for it.”

• Haute Couture is the way to go
• Lightweight clothes for drivers
• Every piece of the race-suit is tailor-made

People who decided to gamble online during the Grand Prix on mobile betting sites took into consideration that the track itself: full of curves that makes overtaking much harder than on other circuits. This is what makes this location so alluring to celebrities, among other important factors: the track is not boring. The background is also marvelous, with the seashore and marinas all around, beautiful aristocratic buildings… Monaco is like a fairytale town. Who wouldn’t want to spend time here? Seems like the Grand Prix is the perfect excuse for a glamorous holiday.

Tailor-made racing suits, sewn to perfection

Cristiano Ronaldo Cara Delevingne in Monte Carlo GP

As James Clark, Head of Puma’s Sports Marketing Motorsport division, told CNN, “The race-suit, shoes and underwear are all made to measure. We provide everything but the helmet. ” He also talked about the importance of the clothes weighing little and their level of comfort. Formula One drivers are under colossal amounts of pressure from the moment they sit into their car, so they can’t be busy with adjusting their clothes constantly and feeling uncomfortable. He added, “There are some drivers who are happy with what we give them as standard product and others that make a lot of changes and are very, very detail oriented.”

Clothes go through a lot of modification, he said. “The product gets adjusted if the car’s pedals get slimmer, the seat gets changed or the drivers lose or gain two kilos, for example. It is an ongoing process with every driver.” Lewis Hamilton is one driver who pays a lot of attention to detail. Sonia Irvine thought of the correlation between Formula One and fashion and came up with a fashion show. Some drivers would also participate in expensive suits with their partners also wearing haute couture; it is the perfect way to combine the two. And once the shows are done, people can sit in and play in some Monaco poker rooms.

Everyone is under close examination

Kendall Jenner Bella Hadid Gigi Hadid in Monte Carlo GP
When it comes to events such as the Grand Prix, the high celebrity population of these gatherings means one thing: men and women are constantly being examined. What they wear is put under magnifying glasses, photos are made and opinions published. Everyone has to be on their top form. Famous fashion houses like Hermès have shops just a few blocks away from the main events. Since, according to CNN, a lot of walking and sunshine is involved, when the race is ago, a black tie attire is not easy – nor sensible – to go with. Rather, people should aim for a casual, yacht-style elegance.

A Chief executive at Puma, Bjorn Gulden said the following on the matter to CNN: “The drivers are fashion conscious and F1 attracts a lot of fashion-conscious people from celebrities, sponsors and part of its fans. I don’t think I’ve ever met any athlete who doesn’t care about what he or she is wearing.” Something that makes a lot of sense – after all, which famous person wouldn’t want to look their best when they participate in popular events such as the Monaco Grand Prix? The world is fine like this. I think it will be a long time till we see someone going on TV, or appearing in gambling news who doesn’t care about looks.

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