Fox TV to Start High-Profile American Poker Show

Fox TV commissions pilot for the upcoming “All in” show, a single-camera comedy concentrating on the life of a gambler.

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No doubt televised poker games were a key factor in the rise of American poker rooms. Poker got really popular when it was shown on television. Think about it, it has everything TV needs: the drama, the build-up of tension, and of course the personalities you can choose to love or hate. The game is perfect game, it is easy to learn, easy and funny to comment, therefore easy to follow.

Another important factor contributing to the success of poker live shows and series is that American gambling laws allow such themes to be televised. Keeping up with the trends, FoxTV announced that it commissioned a pilot episode for the upcoming “All in” show from the TV company DarkFire. The TV show is a collaboration between DarkFire TV, Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds’ production company and 20th Century Fox Television.

The show concentrates on the life of a fictional character Tommy Vigorish, who is passionate gambler, and has problems persuading his family to help him to get back into the game and into the American gambling news. “All in” is a single-camera comedy, a genre popular in today’s television.

Ryan Reynolds is not acting in the pilot, and his further involvement as actor in the series is also doubted. However, he is the executive producer of the pilot. The pilot based on a script written by long-time filmmaking partner Allen Loeb.

Allan Loeb focused largely on features in the past years, before starting the TV company DarkFire TV in 2011. “All in” is his first live-action writing for Loeb since the launch of the company. Loeb is also the co-creator of the 2008 Fox drama “New Amsterdam”, his film credits include Wall Street: “Money Never Sleeps”, “Just Go With It” and “Rock Of Ages”.

DarkFire TV earlier produced another single-camera for Fox comedy titled “Guidance” in 2011.

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