Fradi’s Hockey Players to Star in Sports Betting Campaign


Posted: February 7, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

The Hungarian state-run lottery company is preparing a new ad campaign to promote its sports betting services.

Szerencsejatek Zrt., the Hungarian state-run lottery and sports betting operator, is launching a new ad campaign featuring members of the Ferencvaros Hockey Team. Supporters will soon be able to see their favorite players on billboards and in TV commercials promoting the gambling operator’s sports betting services.

With major sports events such as the Sochi Winter Olympics and the UEFA Champions League coming up this year, gamblers will have plenty of options to bet on sports in Hungary and bookmakers are preparing to compete for new clients.

The game is on!

After Hungarian gambling laws were changed last June to open the market for sports betting operators, Szerencsejatek is facing some serious competition, especially from online sportsbooks. This could be one of the reasons why the company decided to come up with a new ad campaign to attract local bettors.

“There will be a 15-second video ad featuring ten of our players and one of them was chosen as a poster boy for the billboards,” said Pap Gabor, a Fradi hockey team manager.

The video will be filmed on Friday night at the Jegpalota Icecenter in Budapest and the new commercials should be running on TV soon. As for the hockey player chosen to be the face of the new ad campaign, Pap Gabor added: “Let it be a surprise!”

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