French Or British? You Should Bet On The Election Now!

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When Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, said “The idea that politics is sport is undeniable” he was confirming what many cynics had known for a long time. Sure, it’s a pretty dire state of affairs when a bet on sports in the US is the same as a bet on the election results, but much as the self-righteous might bemoan this dystopian reality and Zucker himself for daring to say it out loud, they can do nothing to halt it’s progress. Donald Trump proved that much. Politics is now just another game for you to wager on.

French Presidential Election

• Emmanual Macron – 1/9
• Marine Le Pen – 11/2

The desire for and exercise of power has long been the preserve of the rich, the vast majority of us consigned almost from birth to be nothing more than spectators on the sidelines. Our opinion is asked for but once every few years, and even then only to choose which of the rich we prefer. It might be sold to us as representative democracy, but in the end you’ve as much chance of influencing an election result as you do the score off the next game between the Bears and the Redskins unless you’re rich too.

A bet on the election, therefore, is no longer some cynical money-grab mocking the process of electing our leaders, but just another sports wager made by fan, no different from if you were betting on Formula One or The English Premier League, the Olympics or who’ll win the next World Cup. Of course US gambling laws won’t be any more friendly simply because this is a slightly more high-brow arena, but you can always find the odds on politics at Bet365 if you try hard enough, and not just for the US.

Elections Loom In Britain And France

Bet365 will happily quote you odds on several elections at the moment with the most pressing being the battle between the meteoric Emmanuel Macron and the ghastly extreme-right winger Marine Le Pen in France. The French go to the polls this weekend in the second round of their Presidential election with the very future of Europe at stake. The polls at the moment show Macron with a decent lead, but then Hillary Clinton bet on the election in the US gambling laws of polling would be reliable. Look what happened to her.

Bet on Marine Le Pen

Most sportsbooks like Marine Le Pen as a considerable underdog heading into round 2 of voting (photo:

The bookies (who got Scots Independence, Donald Trump, and Brexit all wholly wrong) are giving Maine Le Pen just 11/2 at the moment, and Bet365 give Macron 1/9 making his election almost certain but any bet on the election that backs him not really worthwhile. Short odds are fine, but this is ridiculous, especially when you realize that if Marine Le Pen wins you’ll need more than the profits on an 11/2 wager to make up for all the harm she’ll do to Europe and possibly the entire world.

Now Politics Is Sport Bet On The Election At Bet365

British General Election

• Conservatives – 1/25
• Labour – 14/1
• Liberal Democrat – 66/1
• Greens – 500/1
• UKIP – 750/1

The other big election in the pipeline is the snap General Election called by Prime Minister Teresa May over the channel in the UK. Determined to get a mandate she already has Mrs May has bet on the election to totally destroy the opposition Labour Party who are adrift on a sea of their own idiocy having elected a leader for their party no one would elect as a leader for the country. This means that Bet365 once again is left to offer very short odds on the very probable winner of the election.

The Conservatives are sitting, on Bet365, at around 1/25 to take the most seats in the next parliament, and if you bet on the election in the US gambling news of a Hillary win was inevitable perhaps you can back Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party at 14/1 and hope they can pull off a Donald Trump on election day. They won’t, but at least you could feel good about it for the next six weeks if you put some money on it. Politics may now be just another sport, but just like sport, sometimes the winners are obvious ahead of time.

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