Fun Super Bowl Bets in 2018: Halftime Show Guest

fun Super Bowl bets in 2018

For whatever reason, Justin Timberlake’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl in 2018 does not stimulate the bookmakers’ mind the way previous performers’ did. Remember the buzz surrounding Beyoncé or Lady Gaga? This year, the betting spotlight is directed towards the Halftime Show guest appearance. Therefore, we’ll take the available predictions for a thorough examination and provide you with the second in line of our previews of fun Super Bowl bets in 2018.

Fun Super Bowl Halftime Show bets

Updated on 22.01.2018

The demographic that tunes in exclusively for the Halftime Show expects a 10+ minute extravaganza with all the pyrotechnics and over-the-top dramatics, that Beyoncé and Madonna incorporated in their performance. This years’ performer, Justin Timberlake, who’s hands-down an amazing performer, is known for his sleek and refined – suit and tie – aesthetic, is predicted to be easy on the eye especially after last year’s glossy Lady Gaga fantasy. And that’s perfectly fine.

After a walkthrough at the best online sportsbooks, it is evident that the pre-show excitement levels are lower than usual. And by lower, I mean one lonely bet that is centred around Mr Timberlake (his opening song). The other betting predictions are all about guest appearances. This fun Super Bowl betting preview is dedicated to the identity of the guest performer. We have three options: Janet Jackson, Jimmy Fallon, and Andy Samberg. Below you can check out their odds and learn why are they rumoured to appear in the 2018 Halftime Show alongside Justin Timberlake.

Janet Jackson – predictable

Some say it would shocking to bring Janet Jackson back to the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage after the wardrobe malfunction. But if you think about it, bringing out Janet Jackson would be simply predictable. Furthermore, her appearance would definitely overshadow Timberlake’s name. That’s exactly why she has the best Halftime Show odds, from all the names: 56/25.

Fun Super Bowl betting odds in 2018 title=
Could it be Janet Jackson? The betting odds are on her side

Jimmy Fallon – possible

Jimmy Fallon joined Timberlake to announce his 2018 Halftime Show performance. That’s one of the reasons why the host is considered to appear as a guest. What’s more, Timberlake and Fallon have collaborated on a popular Tonight Show segment – the History of Rap – which could be included in some way or form in the performance. In view of these clues, the Halftime Show odds for Fallon’s guest appearance are: 3/1.

Justin Timberlake announces the Halftime Show with Jimmy Fallon

Andy Samberg – unlikely

They had a legendary collaboration in 2009, on Saturday Night Live – ‘D*ck in the Box’ – followed by an attempt to recreate the magic with 2011’s ‘Motherlover.’ This is merely a rumour, that is rather unlikely to happen due to restrictions with the Halftime Show, but 1xBet Sportsbook gives a 5/1 chance for the duo to reunite for the Halftime show. You could win a nice sum if Andy Samberg joins Timberlake on the stage.

Motherlover by Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake

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