Gamblers Love Online Casinos in New Zealand over Mafia Packed SkyCity

Online casinos in New Zealand are prefered by tourists and locals overl gangster infested localcasinos.

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Most New Zealand residents as well as tourists have slowly started to abandon SkyCity Casino along with other traditional casinos within the country.

In a recent poll, the vast majority of casino visitors state that the main source of discomfort during a casino visit are the countless numbers of criminals and hustlers from every race, religion and national origin.

Mr. Greg Gozalo, Senior VP of Micki’s candy, a first time visitor to New Zealand to attend an international health-food conference, briefly answered a standard set of questions regarding the SkyCity Casino.

Mr. Gozalo, who enjoys once or twice each year to test his skills and play online poker in New Zealand, Australia or Europe (only in large multi-player tournaments) was wary of the local casinos.

Mr. Gozalo quipped – “Micki’s candy is a 100% natural product, but the activities I witnessed inside New Zealand casinos are far from natural. The sheer number of shady individuals and the general lawlessness seems to permeate the casino’s atmosphere…”

“Perhaps I am wrong, yet this casino has more hustlers, drug dealers, menacing loiterers, and drug addicts who outnumber the players,” the visibly shocked Mr. Gozalo explained, “I lived in Los Angeles and New York, and never have I been offered such a variety of narcotics or shady loans this many times in just a half hour.”

Mr. Gozalo as well as the majority of visiting tourists and local residents have all indicated similar deficiencies specifically pertaining to the ‘Wild West’ atmosphere which permeated New Zealand’s casinos.

The vast majority of respondents believe that New Zealand gambling laws must be updated to remove the riffraff within the premises.

The recent arrest of Guo Pei Chen or Ah Pui, 39, a well known high-roller at the SkyCity Casino for loan-sharking and sale of methamphetamines underscores the problem. Mr. Guo, a reputed captain of the 14K Chinese Triads, was caught selling 18 grams of crystal meth (ice) to an undercover police officer.

The police officer, disguised as a Chinese student, pretended to need a quick $1000 loan to bet on sports in New Zealand. The 14K Triad Captain offered the student $1000 at $280 (28%) interest each month which is excessive and illegal under New Zealand laws.

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