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Posted: February 7, 2022

Updated: February 7, 2022

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There are several festivals when you are looking for a great social event to visit. If you are an avid gambler, then you should try to visit one of these festivals featured on the list. Few of them are grand tournaments, and others are music festivals revolving around gambling. These gambling festivals are supported by most of the online gambling sites in the US. Without further ado, let’s check out the best gambling festivals in the US. Some of these events are live. But some of these were unfortunately canceled. But what is important is that enjoyers of gambling can gather in these festivals to share their passion in a competitive and friendly environment. Casino Welcome Bonus

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The Festival – Gambling Festivals

When talking about gambling festivals. The most important event to mention is The Festival. If you have never heard about The Festival, then we are going to introduce it to you right now. The next destination of The Festival is going to be Bratislava. Hosted in the Banco Casino, the creator, and founder of this festival is Martin “Franke” by Zweigbergk. This event is bringing together all forms of entertainment revolving around gambling. Slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, and every other form of gambling you can imagine. This festival is crowned by a $250 championship in every single gambling category. To bounce back into the live-action of retail casinos, The Festival might be the best holiday destination for you.

Gambling Festivals – WSOP

WSOP is short for the World Series of Poker. There are many poker legends born in this special tournament. Such as the Hungarian wsop bracelet winner. To possess and wear a WSOP bracelet is considered to be the highest level of prestige within the poker community. Only the top-tier professional poker players could contest for this award. While not exactly a festival, WSOP is one of the greatest events each year.

Gambling Festivals
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It is the Academy Awards of card games. The WSOP is held annually in Las Vegas. And it started in 2004. Lately, the WSOP has decided to expand its events to the online platform. Maximizing the attendance of the competition. It also allows exposure for players who otherwise couldn’t attend. World Series of Poker is available for online play, and this is the perfect time for you to try to pitch into the online poker scene.

Metarama Festival

Metarama is a music festival that is the love-child of disco experience and gambling. They are enthusiastic about any form of retail and online casino games. The festival offers a refreshing social gathering and experience for the gambling community. According to, the Festival has been canceled. It was looking to unite gambling, gaming, and music all together. Fans were unsatisfied with the cancellation. Though the main reason for them to wish to visit it, was not the music or the gambling experience, so they could see and meet their favorite internet celebrities. The unfortunate cancellation of the Metarama Festival might not be the end of the brand. It is not unlikely that Metarama will announce a comeback in a few years, depending on many factors.

Sigma World – Gambling Festivals

Sigma World is all about grinding money with gambling and celebrating it with the means of remote and online festivals. Their main goal in the US is to help the legislation process in every single state, including Minnesota and Massachusetts. With Sigma World available in every single region of the world where gambling is legal.

They seek to unite the iGaming industry, such as Gamingzion. You can follow Sigma World on their Instagram page. Held in Canada for America, and Amsterdam for Europe. Sigma World seeks to offer a refreshing festival experience for everyone who is connected to the world of gambling. No matter if you are a professional player, a casino owner, or an affiliate. They seek to connect gamblers the same way the Grammy seeks to connect the world of musical artists and labels.

Affiliate World Europe

If you are less interested in music, and more interested in the business side of gambling. Then Affiliate World Europe is the best place for you to visit. Here business owners can meet and share their ideas, work together on projects and meet each other. Therefore, Affiliate World Europe is providing a medium for everyone within the gambling industry to learn and teach.

Presenting their ideas has the potential to present the most innovative ideas within Europe’s gambling community. Because not limited to gambling, this convention offers everything a business owner needs. It generally serves as a hot spot for network expansion opportunities. In the heart of Barcelona, the AWE offers the best network expansion opportunities. Which attendees can enjoy an intensive night-life experience, great drinks, and of course Barcelona’s wonderful beach.

Gambling Festivals – The Best Site to Visit

If you prefer staying home instead of visiting these festivals, then you should visit Casino. They are offering a 125% bonus up to $1,000 after your first deposit. With Slots. lv casino being a leading platform within the gambling community in the US. You don’t need to leave your room to enjoy a fascinating casino experience and to be a part of a widespread online gambling community. Because if you wish to have a trip anywhere in the world, you should try to visit these gambling festivals. Will you visit any of these festivals? Would you prefer to compete for a WSOP bracelet, or would you rather find a good networking opportunity? These gambling festivals will provide you with both.

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