Gambling Horoscope This Week: May 23, 2016

Gambling Horoscope : May 23  2016

A quick glance at the stars tells us everything we need to know about our future so let’s take a look what they have waiting for you in the coming week.

AriesAries March 21 – April 19

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Famous Aries Garry Kasparov may well be a grand master but you’re the one that will have to think a few moves ahead this week. There’s a lot to keep track of but if you give it some thought a lot of it is cause and effect so you can stay one step ahead by with suitable anticipation of likely outcomes. You may also need to make some sacrifices to get where you need to be, but if you pick the right goal the short term loss will bring long term gain. Your lucky town in Minnesota, USA, is Litchfield.

TaurusTaurus April 20 – May 20

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Tina Fey, a Taurus like you, may well be funnier than you are but this week it looks like you’re due to be the butt of the jokes. Try to take it in good humor even when it hits a little too close to home, there’s no point handing them the ammunition of your indignant response, and anyway it’ll all blow over far quicker the less reaction you give the baying hoards. Your weekend will be a tranquil affair and you should make the most of it. Your lucky Russian professional boxer is Denis Shfikov from Miass.

GeminiGemini May 21 – June 20

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Henry Kissinger, also a Gemini, may know more about shuttle diplomacy than you but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to try it yourself this week. You may not be able to get people to see eye to eye, or even look each other in the face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find compromise between their positions. You might not revel in the role of peacemaker or deal-broker but this week that’s the only choice you’ll have. Your lucky set of legislative measures are the Irish Land Acts begun in 1870.

CancerCancer June 21 – July 22

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Carly Simon, also born under the sign of Cancer like you, may have thought certain people too vain but this week it’ll be you that may have to dole out some compliments to grease the wheels, don’t worry if you’re not sure where they apply, you’ve the perfect horoscope for gambling so if you follow your instincts you should be right on the money, and with luck like that perhaps you should pick a few winners over at Bet365. Your lucky dome air-structure is the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex.

LeoLeo July 23 – August 22

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Robert Redford, famous Leo and Easy Rider, may have starred in Sneakers but it’ll you that may need to exercise some circumspect tactical modes of operation this week if you want to get things done. It might not seem gallant, nor particularly honorable, but the results will speak for themselves, and no one is going to ask how the sausage was made if it tastes good. Your weekend will not go as planned, so have alternatives on stand-by. Your lucky Japanese golfer is Taichi Teshima from Fukuoka Prefecture.

VirgoVirgo August 23 – September 22

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Shania Twain, also a Virgo, may have felt that the world didn’t impress her much, however it’ll be you that has to weather some disappointments this week. Mostly these will be timing related, so you’ll just need to wait awhile longer, but in a couple of cases this week is going to leave quite a bitter taste in your mouth. Try to get over the initial feeling of despair, you can always try again and indeed should, and if that recovery process takes the whole weekend, so be it. Your lucky day is Friday the 13th.

LibraLibra September 23 – October 22

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Libra Hugh Jackman may have had nails like Freddy Kruger in the X-Men movies but this week it’ll be you that has to claw your way forward every inch of the way this week. It’ll be tough going and you’ll need to keep an eye on over stretching yourself, things that would normally be simple are going to be anything but this week, so keep the goals clear and short term because its going to be a real jungle out there till at least Friday. Your lucky location in Ethiopia is Lideta Army Airport in Addis Ababa.

ScorpioScorpio October 23 – November 21

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Billie Jean King, another Scorpio, may have won the battle of sexes when she beat Bobby Riggs in 1973, but this week regardless of their gender you’re due to beat any and all opposition that stumbles your way, and don’t worry if you’re unprepared with the perfect horoscope for betting just follow your gut feeling and whatever you do will work out to your advantage, and with such good fortune why not check out the books at Bet365. Your lucky lost play by Athenian poet Sophocles is “Amphiaraus”.

SagittariusSagittarius November 22 – December 21

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Gary Lineker, Sagittarius and former England footballer, may have promised to present his TV show topless following Leicester City’s victory in the EPL, but you’ll be the one feeling a little exposed this week. Don’t worry, you’re by no means as vulnerable as you think and there are those around you more than willing to lend a hand should the worst come to the worst. Try to free up some personal time near the end of the week, you’ll want it. Your lucky coal mine is the Oakdale Colliery in South Wales.

CapricornCapricorn December 22 – January 19

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Kate Moss, a Capricorn like you, may have the reputation for putting things up her nose (allegedly) but you’ll be the one getting up other people’s this week whether you’re trying to or not. If they get the wrong impression don’t worry, you’ll be able to clear it up at a later date, but right now it may feel that you’re destined to irritate them forever. Your weekend will be a stark contrast and there’s more than a hint of romance in the air. Your lucky Portuguese medical drama is Sinais de Vida, begun in 2013.

AquariusAquarius January 20 – February 18

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Jeb Bush, Aquarius and political failure, may be the poster boy for failing to live up to expectations but this week you’ll have no such difficulties actually exceeding the results most people thought you’d get. Take the plaudits for your success and make sure you get the rewards you deserve whether its that position at work or some leeway at home. There’s a surprise in store on the weekend but it’s not anything like what you think. Your lucky village in Yemen is Al-Hawwa in Hadhramaut Governorate.

PiscesPisces February 19 – March 20

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Olivia Wilde, also born a Pisces, may have been a doctor on House but this week you’ll be the one that needs to heal the wounds and bandage up the injuries. Don’t worry if it all seems a bit too much to tackle you’ve one of the most lucky zodiac signs this week so you’ll instinctively know how to tackle the issue, calm the situation down and find a way forward that doesn’t involve a return to the hostilities that weren’t getting anyone anywhere. Your lucky Synagogue in New Mexico is Congregation Albert.

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