Gambling Sponsorship for Trinity College – Deal or No Deal?

  • Colleges and gambling sponsorships do not have a long history
  • A gambling sponsorship was offered for Trinity College
  • They hold a referendum on the case
Gambling Sponsorship for Trinity College
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We have heard about several various sponsoring partnerships already. Sports games, sports teams and other related events have been on a table for a long time. But there are other, unexpected fields that can also get sponsored by gambling companies, like universities. Right now, it is Trinity College that is up for a gambling sponsorship.

Recently, we have seen Unibet teaming up with SIS to provide 24/7 live betting. Or with the Swedish Poker Association, to sponsor their next three consecutive events. We have also seen how Betway became the Miami Open’s sponsor. Or as 888 Holding stepped in to sponsor the Portuguese Grand Prix in 2021. And we could go on with the list. But none of these were as interesting, as a gambling company sponsoring a university. There have already been precedents to this practice too, but it is still not a widely accepted thing to do. However, keep on reading to find out about similar cases and how the Trinity College deals with gambling sponsorship deals.

Colleges and Gambling

Gambling companies do not have a long history with colleges, although we have witnessed some examples. Gambling operators that have online sportsbooks in the US, became interested in colleges as college sports teams started to gain recognition. As such, there are some schools – for example in Nevada – that have sponsorship deals with gaming firms since 2017. And although NCAA even had a campaign urging wagers not to bet on college sports, it did not remain a neutral territory. It was the Colorado University that accepted a sponsorship deal, and with that it became the first NCAA school to sign a partnership like that in 2020. And it looks like this precedent encouraged other brands to take some steps, since someone offered a gambling sponsorship to Trinity College.

Gambling sponsorship offer for Trinity College

Trinity College is one of Ireland’s oldest and most acknowledged universities, situated in the heart of Dublin. That would make any online sportsbook news site in the US look rad! So, it is not that big of a surprise that some gambling companies set their eyes on it. According to University Times, the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) holds a referendum on accepting advertising money. The big question is: should they accept funds from gambling companies in the form of sponsorship? According to the magazine, the ”referendum will also mandate the union’s president, welfare and equality officer and ents officer to lobby for the banning of gambling advertising and sponsorship in Ireland.” And yes, it sounds a bit like a contradiction. However, the ents officer, Hugh McInerney claimed that they are not against gambling and they would like to ensure that the union do not support ”parasitic gambling advertising”.

Gambling Sponsorship for Trinity College
Trinity college – Diliff, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Will there be a gambling sponsorship for Trinity College?

They say that the union have not accepted any money from any gambling companies so far. Their communications and marketing officer, Philly Holmes stated that gambling companies did approach them. But they had been rejected, since, as he said, the union “should have a formal stance to oppose that form of advertising”. And there is a same practice in the whole country. There are more and more calls for a ban on gambling advertising in Ireland. Some senators even call for a complete ban.

However, we know that money talks! And several online gambling sites in the US are willing to pay a lot to be in the eyesight of potential players. We can see their point, and also: can you imagine not seeing any gambling ads around you? Like when you are watching a Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk FC match, and there are no logos of Betway by the field. That would be weird, right?

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