How to Bring Luck in NYE?

  • Plan your lucky colors in advance
  • Get rid of all broken stuff at home
  • Do not greet the New Year with debts
gambling superstitions for NYE

New year eve is getting closer and it means it’s time for gambling superstitions for NYE! 

New Year is the time of forgiving and leaving the problems in the past – perfect for starting everything from a blank page. So, maybe these superstitions will make your 2021 better than you might think? Let’s see.

Here are some superstitions that people from different cultures do to bring luck to their lives in the new year –you can follow them! Even the weirdest gambling superstitions do work sometimes.

Gambling Superstitions for NYE – Grapes for Luck

If you’re from a Spanish speaking country, you are most probably familiar with this one. The thing is – there are twelve grapes that you have to finish eating before the New Year starts. You can do this as one of the gambling superstitions for NYE.

Each grape represents every month, and every grape you eat is one more chance to make a wish.

Meet Queen of Seas by Jumping Over Seven Waves

If you have ever seen the Brazilian New Year’s Eve celebrations, then you know what we are going to talk about.

So, what happens is that on New Year’s Eve people start jumping over seven waves. They believe that the Queen of the Seas called “lemania” will purify the energy of every person who manages to jump over the waves successfully. Maybe the Seas’ Queen will honor you if you follow this as a part of gambling superstitions for NYE.

It might work, but even if it does not, you will still have a lot of fun!

The only problem is that not everyone can find seven waves to jump over.

gambling superstitions for NYE
Let’s get lucky!

Plan the Colors for NYE Beforehand and Stick to Those

Some people believe that wearing or using a particular color during NYE can bring you a lot of luck in the upcoming year. The lucky colors differ from one culture to another, so, make sure you know the lucky colors of your culture.

Mostly, people associate New Year with red though. And you can wear red on New Year’s Eve following one of the gambling superstitions for NYE.

Should You Do Housekeeping or Not?

This superstition can be a great excuse for not cleaning the house on New Year – you just follow the gambling superstitions for NYE.

Do not do laundry on New Year’s day because it’s said that with your clothing you also wash your love away. Well, there are many other days when you do this, so, you easily avoid doing it on NYE.

Sweeping the home at NYE also sweeps your luck away, so, do not do that.

You will still need to do a bit of cleaning though because the clean home will attract more positive energy. Throw all broken things away and make sure there is no clutter in the room – no need to take them with yourself to New Year.

Eat Lentils to Get Wealthier

Another superstition that you can follow comes from South America. It says to eat lentils on New Year’s Eve.

Thus, make sure you eat at least one teaspoon filled with lentils. It will make you wealthier in New Year, so, maybe you will win the jackpot at one of the online casinos in the US?

gambling superstitions for NYE
Let’s eat lucky!

Money Gambling Superstitions for NYE

We all want financial prosperity. And New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to bring that prosperity to your life. Just fill your wallet with some cash to greet the New Year with pockets full of money.

Try to repay all your debts before New Year starts as meeting New Year with unpaid debts will not bring you financial luck.

Superstitions Bring Luck and Actions Make Things Happen

These gambling superstitions for NYE might bring you more luck if you also do something. The money and luck do not just fall from the clouds. Therefore, you can practice and try your luck at one of the online gambling sites in the US!

Check Intertops Casino out – it might have generous online gambling bonuses in the US for NYE!

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