Weirdest Gambling Superstitions – Are They True?

  • Cultural differences create the weirdest gambling superstitions.
  • You might want to reconsider If you are doing these things while gambling.
  • The most common superstitions gamblers believe in.
Weirdest Gambling Superstitions

We all have our own opinions that we blindly believe in regardless of how crazy they are. People believe in some crazy things that they think will bring them luck and help obtain something they really want. This is common in the gambling world as gamblers believe in all kinds of weirdest gambling superstitions. Some are wildly known, while others belong to certain groups or cultures.

Weirdest Gambling Superstitions Around the World

People who come from all over the world have different beliefs. Our educational and cultural differences play a significant factor in formulating those beliefs and they affect every part of our life. This includes gambling that is affected by the countless and weirdest gambling superstitions that the gamblers of different countries believe in. For example, the Chinese culture links the color red with good luck. Casinos all over china are decorated with red, and all the games are covered with red as well. In addition, if you visit a casino in china, you will see all gamblers wearing at least one red thing, whether it was their shirt, shoes, or pants.

Weirdest Gambling Superstitions
What’s the weirdest you’ve ever heard?

Other countries have unique and weird gambling superstitions. Greek and Danish people believe that smashing broken plates will bring good luck. They save their broken dishes to special occasions, such as the New Year’s Eve. They smash them in hopes of getting good luck for the year to come. Therefore, next time you see someone smashing plates outside a Greek or Danish Casino, do not worry. They are not going crazy, they are just trying to win more money. While the Greek and Danish are smashing plates, the Serb gamblers are spilling water all over the place. Serbians believe that spilling water behind someone would bring them good luck. On the other hand, Indian gamblers are a little bit more organized with their weird superstitions. Indians believe that it is unlucky to shave the hair or cut the nails on Tuesdays. Also, they believe that washing the hair on Thursdays is bad too.

Unlucky Behaviors – Avoid These Behaviors When You Want to Gamble

We have all done some strange things in hopes of getting luck on our side, and gamblers are no exception. There are numerous superstitions that circulate the gambling world with how you should behave while gambling. First, never count your money when you are still sitting at the gambling table. Most of the gamblers believe that counting your winnings at the table will bring you bad luck, while others consider it bad behavior. Whether you choose to believe in this or not, make sure to never do it so you do not offend anyone. Another behavior that you should not do on the table is crossing your legs or fingers, as some people believe it “crosses away” your luck.

Other weirdest gambling superstitions include some particular gestures with the gambling equipment. For instance, some gamblers believe that when you want to play on the slot machine, check the temperature of the seat. Go ahead and start playing if it is warm, but if it is cold, step away and find another seat. Also, if your coins are cold, heat them up before putting them into the slot machine. It is said that the heat will bring you good luck. Finally, there is a split in opinion if having sex before gambling brings luck or drives it away. This depends on the personal beliefs of the gamblers themselves. Therefore, next time you want to gamble try out both and see what happens!

Weirdest Gambling Superstitions
Do you avoid these behaviors?

Other Common Gambling Superstitions

The use of lucky charms is the most common and wildly used superstitions between gamblers. A lucky charm can be anything that the gambler believes it would bring them good luck to win money. One of the most common lucky charms is a rabbit foot. As a rabbit’s foot is a symbol of fertility and fortune, many gamblers choose to wear it while gambling for good luck.

Furthermore, one of the most famous and weirdest gambling superstitions is the connection between numbers and good luck. The number seven is the lucky number and will always be linked with successful gambling. Some slot machines were even named after the number, such as the lucky sevens, to attract more gamblers to play. Although gamblers love the lucky number 7, the fear the number 13. Gamblers believe that this number brings misfortune and try to avoid in any game. For instance, you rarely see a gambler betting on 13 in roulette unless they have a good reason to. Another thing some gamblers avoid doing while gambling is dropping the black ace on the floor. They quit the game if it drops while they are playing as it is believed it is a certain loss.

Playing or using the same dice is something that some try to do as well. Especially if that dice won them something big. Finally, there is a common belief between gamblers that using the main entrance of the casino brings misfortune. So next time you visit a casino, try entering from the backdoor.

Test the Weirdest Gambling Superstitions

Many believe the likelihood that any of these superstitions will not change the outcome of any game. However, a large number of people believing in it makes you wonder if there is any truth to it. Use the online casino sites in the US to test them and find out if any will work for you.

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